Mouth Cancer Screenings: Why Your Dental Check-up Could Save Your Life

Did you know that regular mouth cancer screenings form an important part of your regular dental check-up? Our dentist in Ladbroke Grove will normally carry out this screening every year. It is quick, painless and non-invasive and simply involves our dentist looking at all your oral tissues using a special hand-held scanning device. The use of a scanning device makes it easy to spot any small changes that are often invisible to the naked eye as these tissues will fluoresce slightly differently compared to healthy tissues.

mouth-cancer-screeningsWe are looking for any tissues that might have become thicker or which have changed texture or colour, or for any sore spots or lumps and bumps that shouldn’t be there. It’s unlikely that we will find anything wrong, but if we do spot something that requires further investigation then we can soon take a small sample of cells which will be sent off for analysis, or we can refer you to a specialist.

This test has the ability to save lives. One of the problems with oral cancer is that often the early signs can be overlooked and unfortunately the cancer may not be diagnosed until it is well advanced and far more difficult to treat. It’s likely your Ladbroke Grove dentist is the only medical professional who has a chance to look inside your mouth at regular intervals and dentists are specially trained to spot any early symptoms. So what are the possible signs that something is wrong?

Common Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Common signs include areas of numbness in your mouth or areas that have become more painful or tender. It can cause persistent sores that do not heal easily and which may bleed frequently. It could feel as if you have something stuck in your throat and chewing and swallowing or even speaking or moving your jaw could become trickier. Mouth cancer can lead to a persistent sore throat and the pain can even affect your ears. You might notice any dental appliances fit slightly differently or that the way your teeth bite together has changed. Changes to the appearance of your mouth include the development of white or red patches that may feel velvety to touch and this cancer can cause the development of lumps, bumps and swellings.

Who Is Most at Risk of Developing Mouth Cancer?

Men, particularly those aged 50 or older are more likely to develop mouth cancer than women. Other risk factors include smoking, as smokers are six times more likely than people who don’t smoke to develop mouth cancer. People who use smokeless tobacco products are also far more likely to develop mouth cancer affecting their cheeks, gums or lips. If you use alcohol to excess, you are more at risk than a non-drinker. Other risk factors include a family history of cancer, exposure to the human papilloma virus (HPV) and excessive exposure to sun when you were young. In spite of this, around a quarter of people diagnosed with oral cancer have no known risk factors, which is why regular screenings with your Ladbroke Grove dentist are so important.

If you feel a lump or bump in your mouth or are ever worried that something might be wrong then just give us a call so we can arrange an appointment for you with one of our dentists. Please don’t take the risk of ignoring any possible symptoms. Are you are overdue for a check-up? Please contact Ladbroke Grove Dental Care to book your appointment on 020 7727 9836. Alternatively you can book online at

Helping Your Child Enjoy Great Dental Health for Life

Every parent wants their child to enjoy healthy teeth and to have a nice attractive smile that will last for life. This is a reasonable aim and can definitely be achieved through great professional dental care and excellent home dental care.

dental-healthHere at Downham Market Dental Care, our friendly dental team love seeing younger patients and children are definitely welcome. We encourage parents to bring their child into see us when they are still very young and to book their first appointment when their first tooth emerges or by their first birthday. We know some people think this is very young but it’s really the ideal age to begin getting a child into a regular routine of dental care.

What to Expect during Their First Dental Visit

We are very gentle with when treating children and you will find our Downham Market dentist will go out of their way to help your child relax. The first visit to our dental practice is simply for a quick examination, if your child feels comfortable, and is a chance for us to assess how their teeth and jaws are developing. It’s also a good opportunity for you to chat to us about their dental care as we can show you how to clean their brand-new teeth which isn’t always an easy task with a reluctant child.

Why Milk Teeth Matter

It’s well worth persevering as it is important to ensure their milk teeth remain strong and healthy as tooth decay is unpleasant at any age. By making sure their milk teeth remain cavity free, you will be helping the development of their adult teeth. Milk teeth are essential for holding open the correct amount of space for adult teeth to erupt normally, decreasing the chances of your child requiring orthodontic treatment. Additionally, milk teeth make it much easier for a child to learn how to speak and eat.

Choosing a Healthy Diet for Your Child

Our dentist in Downham Market can also talk to you about your child’s diet. It can be incredibly confusing trying to make healthy food choices that are also tooth friendly. Many so called healthy foods have huge amounts of hidden sugars that can damage your child’s teeth and these include smoothies and fruit juices and granola and cereal bars.

Preventative Dental Care

Our aim is to prevent your child from developing any dental problems and to do this we provide every child who visits our practice with a personalised treatment plan. After assessing their risk of tooth decay, we can determine how frequently they should come and visit us and the kinds of preventative dentistry treatments that can help keep their teeth strong and healthy. These include fissure sealants and fluoride treatments, as well as professional hygiene treatments. The great thing about preventative dentistry is that it is very non-invasive and painless and as a family oriented dental practice, we take lots of care to ensure that every visit will be as relaxing and as comfortable as possible for your child.

If it’s time for your child to visit a dentist in Downham Market, please call us on 01366 382265. You can also find out more about all the services we offer on our website at

Have a Hygiene Treatment and Put a Sparkle in Your Smile

Have you had a hygiene treatment recently? If you are a regular visitor to our practice then our Watton dentist has probably recommended you see a hygienist every six months, as a regular treatment is a great way to keep your teeth and gums in great shape. It is also a really nice way to give your smile a quick boost. So why should you visit a hygienist regularly?

dental-hygieneAdvantages of Regular Hygiene Treatments

The whole idea of visiting a hygienist regularly is to ensure that all plaque and tartar is removed from your teeth. If it’s been a while since you had your teeth professionally cleaned then you might be able to spot yellowish areas of calculus or tartar that have begun to build up around the gum line and in between your teeth. Tartar can soon build up if you don’t brush or floss your teeth quite thoroughly enough. This is because plaque which is a sticky biofilm begins to harden into tartar after just a couple of days. Both plaque and tartar consists of bacteria that produce toxins. These toxins will inflame and infect your gums so the presence of tartar greatly increases your risk of developing gum disease or periodontal disease.

When you visit our hygienist, all tartar will be gently scraped or scaled away from your teeth. Afterwards your teeth are carefully polished using special polishing paste. Having your teeth polished is a really nice way to help remove some stains. Afterwards you will enjoy the sensation of having that “just been to the dentist feeling” where your teeth feel beautifully clean and you know your breath is nice and fresh.

Get Personalised Advice on Brushing and Flossing

Having your teeth professionally scaled and polished is any part of your dental visit as you will find our hygienist is great at patient education which is a very important part of our practice. For example, if you have any dental implants or crowns or bridges, or other dental appliances such as a brace, our hygienist will show you the best and most effective way to clean around them and may introduce you to some new tools such as interdental brushes that can be highly effective and much easier to use than conventional dental floss.

You will also find our hygienist can identify any areas that you might be regularly missing out when you brush and floss and by working with you to improve your techniques, we can ensure that your oral hygiene routine at home is the very best it can be. This is a great way to maintain good dental health, and in the longer term will pay huge dividends by ensuring your natural teeth last longer and that you enjoy lower dental bills due to reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

You Don’t Need to See a Dentist in Watton When You Have a Hygiene Appointment

Legislation was changed several years ago to allow patients to come and see a hygienist without the need to see a dentist at the same time, although of course we hope you will keep up with regular visits to our dentist in Watton.

A hygiene appointment is a great way to put a sparkle into your smile so if you are overdue then why not give Clarence House Dental Care a call to book your appointment? You can phone us on 01953 882777 or if you prefer you can book online at

Preventative Dentistry Saves Teeth, Time and Money

Ideally, you should visit your dentist at six monthly intervals and it’s a great idea to have a hygiene appointment at the same time. However, when it’s time for your six monthly check-up, it can sometimes be tempting to skip it, as after all if your teeth feel fine then why should you see a dentist in Southend? Unfortunately this can be a bit of a short-sighted view as dental problems can initially create few, if any symptoms, but catching them at an early stage will help save your teeth and it will definitely save you time and money in the longer run.

preventative-dentistryThe Importance of Six Monthly Visits

During your six monthly check-up, your Southend dentist will be looking for any tiny signs of problems. This might be early lesions or signs of cavities in your teeth that require treatment or monitoring. Your dentist will also carefully assess the condition of your gums. This is done by gently probing your gums using a special dental instrument that measures the depth of any pockets in between your gums and your teeth.

It’s important as gum pockets develop due to gum disease. Normally healthy gums will have a pocket depth of between 1 mm is and 3 mm and depths in excess of this can be cause for concern while pocket depths of 5 mm or more may require treatment. At this stage you may be perfectly unaware that anything is wrong, as gum disease is called the silent disease for good reason. These early symptoms which often include gums that bleed while brushing are easy to ignore, but the good news is that gum disease is easily curable when caught soon enough.

Your regular check-ups will also include oral cancer screenings. Unfortunately this disease is becoming more common and it’s often diagnosed late in the day as it’s likely your dentist is the only medical professional who regularly peers inside your mouth. All dentists are trained to spot symptoms and signs that something may be wrong which include changes to the colour or texture of your oral tissues, or any sore spots that may be failing to heal properly. The prognosis for oral cancer is much better when this disease is caught early on.

Professional Hygiene Treatments

Having your teeth professionally cleaned is another important preventative dental care treatment. By removing the tartar that can cause gum disease, we can help keep your gums and teeth healthy and strong and at the same time it’s a great treatment for brightening up your smile as a scale and polish helps remove some surface stains.

If our dentist in Southend discovers that you do need some treatment then it’s likely to be a lot cheaper, less invasive and quicker than had you waited for a problem to develop. Early detection can help prolong the life of your teeth which is definitely something we prefer here at Southend Dental Care.

If it’s been a while since you saw a dentist in Southend or you are overdue for a check-up, why not get on the phone to us to book an appointment. Call us on 01702 465000 or book online at

Could Porcelain Veneers Give You the Amazing Smile You Desire?

If you have ever admired the perfection and colour of a celebrity’s or film stars teeth, then it’s highly likely you are admiring their porcelain veneers. So what are veneers and how could they help your smile?

porcelain-veneersWhat Are Veneers?

Porcelain veneers are an extremely versatile treatment and require minimal tooth preparation. They consist of very thin pieces of porcelain that are custom-made to fit exactly over the front surface of a tooth. Once bonded in place veneers are relatively strong. You may wish to think about having veneers if any of your teeth are internally stained and will not respond to tooth whitening, or if they are a slightly strange shape, are worn down or chipped or are too small. Veneers are also a good choice for minimising or even closing up gaps in between teeth and for correcting teeth that may only be slightly out of alignment and where it’s not really necessary to wear braces in Harrow.

How Many Veneers Will I Need?

Some people might only need one or two veneers, but you can also opt to have all your front teeth veneered as part of a smile makeover. Here at Imperial Dental Care, we carefully design each veneer, ensuring it will complement your appearance and is in the correct shade. Your veneers will be made to closely match your natural tooth colour, or if you have chosen to have multiple veneers, then we can even make them a shade or so lighter. It’s quite nice to combine porcelain veneers with tooth whitening, so for example you may want to have your teeth whitened before they are veneered, as that way our Harrow dentist can closely match your newly whitened teeth to the shade of your new veneers.

What Is the Procedure for Having Veneers?

If you are interested in having cosmetic dentistry in Harrow, your best option is to book an appointment with our dentist to find out if porcelain veneers are suitable. To have veneers, your teeth need to be reasonably strong and healthy and you mustn’t have any large fillings. The next step is to decide how many veneers you wish to have to get the desired results. Once this has been decided, our Harrow dentist can begin preparing your teeth. This is done using local anaesthetic to ensure you are comfortable throughout the process.

To prepare your teeth, they will remove a small amount of tooth enamel from the front surfaces. This is necessary as otherwise your new veneers could look and feel too bulky. There is no need to worry as the amount removed is minimal because veneers are typically only 0.5 mm in thickness. Once your teeth are prepared we will need to take a detailed impression to send to our dental laboratory which will be used to custom make your veneers. It usually takes a couple of weeks to make your veneers and during this time your teeth will be protected with temporary veneers. Once you return, we can fit and adjust your veneers before cementing them in place.

If you would like to find out more about veneers or cosmetic dentistry in Harrow, then why not take a look at our website at When you are ready to come and see us for your initial consultation, then just give us a call on 020 8427 2264.

Pregnant? Let Us Look after Your Dental Health

If you are pregnant then we’d like to offer you our congratulations as a new baby is always a cause for celebration. At this time you are probably trying to take more care of your general health, but have you considered your dental health? In fact your dental health is extremely important, particularly when you are pregnant or trying for a baby as the hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect your oral health. Ideally our dentist in Basildon would like to see you before you become pregnant just so we can give you a complete check-up to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy and that you do not require any treatment. However if this isn’t possible, then please come and see us as soon as you know your happy news.

pregnant-womenRoutine Dental Care Is Vital during Pregnancy

You can receive routine dental care at any time during your pregnancy and it is important to keep up with your regular dental check-ups and cleanings. It is possible to have dental x-rays during pregnancy, particularly as the very latest digital dental x-rays only emit tiny amounts of radiation. However it’s extremely unlikely that we will want to take any dental x-rays unless absolutely necessary as most adults in reasonable dental health only require dental x-rays every couple of years or so and we would only need to take an x-ray if you have a problem that requires prompt treatment and which cannot wait until your baby is born.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

One thing we will be keeping a close eye on is your gum health as hormonal changes increase the sensitivity of your gums towards the bacteria that cause gum disease. This puts you at increased risk of developing a condition called pregnancy gingivitis which is a form of gum disease. With pregnancy gingivitis, you might notice your gums become tender and swollen and they may bleed more frequently, particularly when you brush or floss. If you are more at risk of developing pregnancy gingivitis or already have some signs of gum disease, then we might suggest you come to see us more frequently so our hygienist can thoroughly clean your teeth. By regularly removing the plaque and tartar that contains the bacteria irritating your gums, we can reduce your risk of gum disease and keeping a close eye on your dental health will enable us to pick up any small changes so we can treat them more quickly. It is important to make sure that your gums are as healthy as possible during pregnancy as advanced gum disease or periodontitis can increase the risk of a premature birth or a low birthweight baby.

During your pregnancy we are here to help you maintain the very best levels of dental health and you will find our friendly dental team and dentist in Basildon are always here to answer any questions or concerns you might have about your oral health. Once your baby is born, we hope to welcome you both back at Felmores Dental Care for regular treatment as we love seeing kids. To book your appointment, phone us on 01268 726789 and you will also find lots of information about our dental practice on our website at

What Is a Smile Makeover?

You’ve probably read or heard about well-known celebrities and actors having smile makeovers and may have noticed they are sporting gorgeously white smiles, but what does it actually mean if you have a smile makeover and do you have to be a movie star to benefit from this treatment?

smile-makeoverSmile Makeovers Are for Everyone

You don’t need to be a TV star or even have a celebrity’s bank balance to benefit from a smile makeover. This is simply a process of using a combination of different dental treatments to help improve the appearance of your teeth. The great thing about smile makeovers is that our dentist in Clacton can tailor-make your treatment plan to fit in with your budget. Another nice thing about using a combination of treatments is that we can ensure your smile makeover is conservative.

For example, most people want to have a nice, evenly aligned and white smile. This can be achieved through teeth whitening or by using porcelain veneers to completely cover up all the teeth you can see when smiling or talking. By using a combination of the two, we can produce more conservative results as you may only require one or two veneers to cover up teeth that are too small or worn down or which are badly chipped. If the rest of your teeth are nicely shaped then veneers may be unnecessary and we can improve the overall appearance of these teeth by whitening them. Another option is to combine teeth whitening with orthodonticsand our dentist in Clactonis able to provide a range of different and very discreet braces.

Which Treatments Could Help My Smile?

Cosmetic dentistry in Clacton includes a lot of different and exciting dental treatments. Typical treatments that may be used during a smile makeover include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges as well as tooth coloured cosmetic fillings. We also have a number of more advanced dental treatments that include orthodontics and dental implants. It all depends on whether you wish to drastically change the appearance of your smile or would prefer a mini smile makeover to subtly enhance the appearance of your teeth.

When you come to visit our dentist in Clacton, we can carefully assess your teeth and will listen to your aims before suggesting treatments that we feel will work well for you. Every smile makeover is individually designed so you will get results that are just right for you. As the finishing touch, you might wish to consider anti-wrinkle injections that can help subtly reduce innate your appearance, softening fine lines and giving you a more youthful look.

Using the very latest cosmetic dentistry in Clacton, we can give you your dream smile, rebuilding or replacing broken down and missing teeth, providing you with teeth that are fully functional and which will look amazing. If that sounds like a bit too much, then we can create a far more subtle smile makeover that will keep everybody guessing. Why not call Clacton Dental Care today to book your consultation. Phone us on 01255 221001 or take a look at our cosmetic dentistry section on our website at

What Is a Sinus Lift and Should I Be Worried If I Need One?

A sinus lift is a treatment that is often required in preparation for having dental implants in South Benfleet and there is certainly nothing to worry about if you have been told you require this procedure. Sinus lifts use tried and tested surgical techniques and treatment is safe and very effective. The reason you might need a sinus lift is to replace bone that has been lost or which is deficient in the area around your sinuses.

sinus-liftYour sinuses are empty air filled cavities located either side of your nose and can affect dental implants that are being used to replace missing back teeth in your upper jaw. The jawbone in this area tends to be thinner than in other areas in your jawbone so it might be that there was never enough bone in the first place, but quite often bone loss has occurred after natural teeth were removed. This is because your natural tooth roots provide much-needed stimulation to your jawbone which tells it to continue renewing old bone cells. When the tooth roots are removed this stimulation is lost and bone resorption can quickly occur. A sinus lift is a great treatment to replace this lost bone and will ensure there is plenty of healthy and strong bone for your dental implants in South Benfleet. It is only a small surgical procedure and you can rest assured that we will keep you completely comfortable during the entire process.

What Happens during a Sinus Lift?

Before you have a sinus lift our dentist in South Benfleet will have taken x-rays and a CT scan to identify areas where bone is deficient, as well as important structures such as nerves and blood vessels that must be avoided during surgery. By the time you come to have your sinus lift, we will know exactly where to place the bone so the actual procedure should be quick and smooth. To place the bone, a small incision will be made into your gums exposing the underlying jawbone. A small window is cut into the jawbone to expose the membrane that lies in between your sinus cavities and your jawbone. The membrane is pushed upwards or “lifted” out of the way, creating more space for your jawbone. This space is then packed with the bone grafting material and your gum will be stitched back into place so the process of healing can begin. It normally takes three months for a bone graft to heal, at which stage your dental implants can be placed. Although it might extend the overall time of your dental implants in South Benfleet, a sinus lift is a great way to ensure treatment will be successful and that you can enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

If you are interested in dental implants, please contact South Benfleet Dental Careto book a consultation. Call us on 01268 793485 or if you prefer you can book online at

Do You Know What to Do in a Dental Emergency?

It’s a situation we hope you will never find yourself in, but if you or another family member or friend has a dental emergency then do you know what to do? If it’s during practice hours then please contact us, as we will fit you into see an emergency dentist in Ladbroke Grove as soon as we can. This will generally be on the same day as we will want to relieve any pain or discomfort as soon as possible. However common dental problems such as toothache never seem to happen as such a convenient time.


If you have an aching tooth then it’s best to try gently flossing around it. This is because sometimes a tooth can be slightly pushed out of position by a piece of impacted food. Getting rid of the impacted food could be all that is required. If the toothache continues then please contact our emergency dentist in Ladbroke Grove soon as you can. This is particularly important if you begin to feel feverish or have a high temperature as an infected tooth can affect your general health. Additionally, there is a much better chance that we will be able to save a badly infected tooth the sooner we can treat it.

Knocking out a Tooth

Knocking out a tooth is definitely a dental emergency and you need to act quickly. Carefully pick up the tooth by its crown, which is the part you can normally see in your mouth. Rinse off any dirt but take care not to touch the tooth root and certainly don’t scrub any loose pieces of tissue that are still attached. If you feel able then carefully reinsert the tooth into the empty socket, taking care to make sure it faces the right way round. Gently bite down on a clean tissue to hold the tooth in position and come and see us or another emergency dentist in LadbrokeGrove as soon as you can. If you can’t face reinserting the tooth then store it in a small container with a little milk or plain water and get to a dentist as soon as possible. Tooth reinsertion is more likely to be successful is carried out within the first half an hour to an hour after the accident.

Other dental problems such as breaking a tooth or breaking a dental appliance also need proper professional dental care. Please never try to mend the tooth yourself or stick a crown back in with superglue as you will damage your tooth. Dentures and braces all need to be mended professionally as otherwise you could damage the appliance beyond repair.

Reducing Your Risk of Ending up with a Dental Emergency

Is not always possible to avoid dental emergencies but certainly your risk of suffering from toothache can be reduced by making sure you see our dentist in Ladbroke Grove for regular check-ups and cleanings. Toothache is often caused by an infection and regular dental appointments can easily detect any problems before they get to this stage. If you like to play sports then ask us about having a custom-made mouthguard to reduce your risk of knocking out a tooth. It’s a cheap and effective way to protect your teeth and jaws and you will find our mouth guards are very comfortable to wear.

To book a check-up or an emergency dental appointment here at Ladbroke Grove Dental Care, please call us on 020 7727 9836. You can find all our contact details on our website at

Why You Should Always Choose Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

Teeth whitening is enormously popular and you probably know at least a few people who have already had this procedure. We know it’s easy to buy teeth whitening kits online or over-the-counter, but if you value your dental health then it’s always best to choose a professional tooth whitening treatment.

teeth-whiteningThis is because teeth whitening products could damage your teeth and gums, particularly if you buy high-strength products that aren’t legally available. If you buy over-the-counter products then they contain extremely small amounts of active ingredients and are unlikely to produce the kind of results you are looking for, unless you begin to over-use them which again will cause you problems. You only have one set of adult teeth and it pays to look after them and there is a very good reason why teeth whitening treatments are regulated in the UK.

By visiting a dentist in Downham Market, you can be sure of receiving results that are safe and effective and there is no need to worry that treatment could cause you any harm.

A Check-up Is an Important Part of Any Tooth Whitening Treatment

A dental check-up is an extremely important part of any professional teeth whitening treatment and is carried out to ensure your safety and comfort. Our Downham Market dentist will examine your teeth and gums as it’s important to make sure you don’t have any tooth decay or gum disease or any other dental problems that could make treatment uncomfortable at best or which may even result in damage to your oral health. If we do find anything wrong then we can treat these problems before safely whitening your teeth. Downham Market Dental Care can offer you two different types of teeth whitening treatments depending on whether you want to see the results straightaway or if you would prefer to whiten more slowly.

For Quick Results Choose Power Whitening

If you simply can’t wait to see your newly whitened smile then we are delighted to offer you power whitening. With this treatment your gums and lips will be protected before your teeth are painted with professional strength whitening gel. The gel is activated with a special light which helps it to penetrate your tooth enamel more easily so it can lift deep-seated stains and will achieve great results really quickly. This treatment may be repeated several times during the course of your appointment and in just one hour your teeth will look visibly brighter.

Whiten Your Teeth in the Comfort of Your Own Home

If you are not too bothered about seeing the results instantly or if you have particularly sensitive teeth then you might wish to whiten at home. Our Downham Market Dentist will supply you with custom-made whitening trays that will fit comfortably over your teeth. You will be given a whitening gel that is extremely safe for home use and its strength can be adjusted for anyone with tooth sensitivity issues. All you have to do is to wear the mouth trays for a few hours each day or if you prefer you can even leave them in overnight. Treatment normally takes just a couple of weeks and of course you will always have the whitening trays to use at a later date when you wish to top up the results.

If you’d like to whiten your teeth, please give us a call on 01366 382265 to book your appointment. You will also find a lot more information about teeth whitening on our website at