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How to straighten your smile without metal braces

Whilst orthodontic treatment is now seen as a standard part of growing up for children and teenagers in the UK, many adults missed out on treatment when they were younger (or had treatment but, as is the want of many teenagers, neglected to wear their retainer so that their teeth move back out of line).

metal-bracesTherefore, an increasing number of adults are seeking out orthodontic services later in life. There is one major barrier to treatment, and that is the false belief that it has to involve obvious metal braces.

At Imperial Dental Care in Harrow, we appreciate the true value of a true smile, whilst also realising the need for discretion for adult patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. We are proud, therefore, to offer a number of subtler options for teeth straightening. This may involve wearing a fixed brace or a removable aligner.

Discreet orthodontics in Harrow

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are a popular system of cosmetic braces that work, as you may have guessed from the name, in an average time of just half a year. They act so quickly because they focus on the “social six” front teeth – in other words, the teeth that show when you smile.

It is these teeth the majority of adults are concerned about, so whilst these braces aren’t meant for major correction of issues affecting the bite, if you would like the teeth in your smile line to be straighter, Six Month Smiles could be the perfect choice.

These braces have the additional benefit of comprising clear and tooth-coloured parts, to blend in with your mouth.


FastBraces are available in both metal and tooth-coloured varieties. They have a unique design that enables the movement of both the roots and crowns of the teeth at the same time, significantly shortening treatment times. FastBraces can be used for more extensive correction that some cosmetic braces.

Inman Aligner

This popular clear aligner is designed to quickly correct issues such as protrusion or crowding with the front teeth. The Inman Aligner uses a special coil spring and bar design to push and pull the teeth into a better position – often in a matter of weeks.

Straight teeth without metal braces: a guide

Orthodontic treatment once meant one thing: metal braces. However, things have changed, and Felmores Dental Care in Basildon offers a number of methods of straightening your teeth without a glint of metal in sight.

metal-bracesIt must always be remembered that the benefits of teeth straightening treatment are more than just aesthetic. Even when an appliance is referred to as a “cosmetic” brace, there are health gains to be made, too.

It’s quite simple, when you think about it. Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean. When there are fewer awkward gaps or hard-to-reach areas where particles of food can get trapped and plaque can build up, your chances of both gum disease and tooth decay will be significantly reduced (so long as you visit your dentist and hygienist regularly, of course).

Gum disease and tooth decay can both lead to tooth loss, so any steps that can be taken to avoid them should be embraced.

Braces and aligners

At our Basildon dental practice we offer both discreet braces and clear aligners to improve the position of your teeth. Your dentist will establish which appliance will work best for your particular circumstances when you join us for a teeth straightening consultation.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles are popular cosmetic braces that – as you’ve probably guessed from the name – work in an average time of half a year. They do this because they focus on the “social six” front teeth – those that show when you smile. Six Month Smiles comprise clear ceramic braces and tooth-coloured wires and also use lower forces than standard orthodontic appliances, making them quicker, subtler, and more comfortable. What’s not to like?

Inman Aligner

This single-use clear aligner works rapidly to correct issues such as protrusion or crowding with the front teeth. Often it takes just a few short weeks for treatment to be complete, and the device then acts as a retainer.


FastBraces can be used where more extensive correction is needed. They have a unique design which means they move the roots and crowns of the teeth together, whereas standard braces do this in two stages.

Deciding Which Brace Is Best

If you have recently decided to have orthodontic treatment then you might not have got as far as finding out which brace is best for your needs. It largely depends on the orthodontic problems requiring correction and it’s a good idea to keep an open mind before you get round to visiting a dentist and finding out more about teeth straightening in Southend. Over the past few years orthodontic technologies have evolved and are extremely sophisticated. This means treatment can often be completed more quickly and more comfortably than ever before.

bracesHere at Southend Dental Care we offer quite a wide variety of braces as we aim to cater for patients with lots of different orthodontic issues. Your choices include both fixed and removable braces. While removable braces can seem like the most attractive option, it’s worth considering fixed braces, particularly if our dentist in Southend recommends this choice for you. If fixed braces bring to mind up an image of ugly metal brackets and wires then you are in for a very pleasant surprise, as today’s modern braces are far more discreet and are virtually invisible.

Why You Might Want to Consider Having a Fixed Brace

It’s possible that you might be advised to have fixed braces in Southend if your orthodontic problems are more complex. By using a fixed brace, an orthodontist in Southend can move your teeth extremely precisely which is great for more complicated issues. Additionally, fixed braces are working continually to straighten your teeth and you will not need to worry about forgetting to wear your brace.

These days it’s possible to choose fixed braces that include clear ceramic brackets and extremely thin wires. Options such as Fastbraces use small triangular shaped brackets to quickly move your teeth. By using these brackets, our dentist in Southend can plan to move both the crown and the root of the tooth at the same time. In comparison traditional brace brackets are square and move teeth in stages, first repositioning the crown of the tooth before moving the root. This slows down the straightening process but with an option such as Fastbraces you can often complete treatment within a matter of a few months. Another possible option is Six Months Smiles which again uses special clear brackets attached to tooth coloured wires, creating an effect that is barely visible. As the name suggests, most people will complete teeth straightening in Southend in just six months, although treatment times can vary.

What about Removable Braces?

If you would prefer to wear a removable brace then we can offer you Invisalign clear aligners. This system is extremely popular as once the clear plastic aligners are in your mouth, they are virtually invisible so there is no need to explain to friends or work colleagues that you have decided to have orthodontic treatment. Another nice thing about Invisalign is that you take the aligners out whenever you want to eat or drink anything and for brushing and flossing. This does mean treatment will have little effect on your day-to-day life and there is no need to cut out favourite foods that may be crunchy or sticky.

If you’ve decided it’s time to find out more about teeth straightening in Southend then why not give us a call on 01702 465000 to book your free consultation. If you’d like to know more about the braces we offer then take a look at our website at as there is lots of useful information online.

Could a Cosmetic Brace Help You?

Perhaps your teeth are only slightly crooked but it’s still enough to niggle at you. The thought of having lengthy teeth straightening treatment doesn’t really appeal, so is there another option? This is where a cosmetic brace might be a useful choice. It can be used to correct the position of front teeth that may be just slightly out of alignment or protrusive, or which are perhaps slightly overlapping or have unsightly spaces in between them.

cosmetic-bracesA cosmetic brace is useful for correcting the teeth that you can see when smiling or talking with others which is normally your front six teeth. You might hear these teeth being called the social six. A cosmetic brace isn’t designed to correct substantial problems with the way your teeth bite together or occlude but instead can provide you with quick and affordable treatment that may be completed within a matter of just weeks or months. Here at Imperial Dental Care, we often like to use a cosmetic brace called an Inman Aligner.

What Is an Inman Aligner?

An Inman aligner is a removable cosmetic brace that can provide great results really quickly. It consists of two thin wire bows, one of which is placed on the outside of your teeth while the other is placed on the inside. The wire bows are powered by nickel titanium coil springs that work by creating a squeezing action as the bows will oppose each other. This helps to gently and firmly realign your front teeth as the inner bow will push forwards or outwards while the outer bow will push inwards or backwards on your front teeth.

It’s a highly effective treatment that can cosmetically improve the appearance of your teeth and we may often use an Inman Aligner as part of a smile makeover. This is because teeth straightening in Harrow can be a far more conservative option than alternative treatments such as veneering all your front teeth. By first straightening your teeth, we can then decide if you require any veneers, at which stage it’s more likely just to be one or two to cover up any teeth that might be slightly too small or perhaps which are worn or chipped or badly discoloured.

What about Correcting More Substantial Orthodontic Problems?

Of course a cosmetic brace will not work for everybody which is why we do offer a range of different braces. These include Fastbraces that use fixed brackets and wires to quickly move your teeth into the correct positions. Please don’t be put off by the idea of perhaps wearing fixed braces in Harrow as theycan be extremely discreet and Fastbraces is a good example. It uses tiny triangular brackets to move the crown of your tooth which is the part you can see in your mouth as well as the tooth root, all at the same time, making treatment quick and effective. This particular brace is useful for correcting more complex orthodontic issues and is still very affordable.

When you visit our dentist in Harrow we can carefully assess your teeth and jaws and will recommend the orthodontic treatment we feel will provide you with the very best results, whether it’s fixed or removable. If this sounds interesting then please give us a call on 020 8427 2264. You can also read more about braces in Harrow on our website at

Learn More About Invisible Braces and All Their Advantages

If you have been pondering about having orthodontic treatment then one of the things that is likely to concern you is whether or not anybody will be able to see your braces. The good news is that the latest orthodontic technology is virtually invisible so it’s unlikely that most people will be aware you are wearing braces.

invisible-bracesAnother great thing about the very latest generation of braces is that they are specially designed to work very quickly, minimising treatment times. Here at South Benfleet Dental Care we have quite a few “invisible” braces that might be suitable for you. Of course the best way to find out for sure is to book an appointment with our dentist in South Benfleet so that we can properly assess your teeth and jaws to see the kind of orthodontic problems requiring correction. If these issues only affect your front teeth, then you may be suitable for what’s called a cosmetic brace.

Cosmetic Braces Can Work Really Fast

The nice thing about having a cosmetic brace is that it can work within a matter of a few weeks or months because it will only concentrate on moving your front teeth into the correct positions and isn’t designed to correct any substantial problems with your bite. This can be ideal if you perhaps have gaps in between your front teeth or teeth that are slightly protrusive or rotated. One of the braces we offer is called the Inman Aligner and this is a removable appliance that consists of two thin metal bows that are powered by nickel titanium springs. One of the bows will fit inside your front teeth while the other fits on the outside. There is no need to worry as the metal bow is extremely thin and very discreet. The bows are powered by the springs to create a squeezing action on your teeth which is highly effective. If your teeth require more substantial correction then we might suggest you use another of our braces in South Benfleet.

Six Month Smiles

As you might have guessed, Six Months Smiles can straighten your teeth within an average of just six months, although some people might take slightly longer. This is a fixed brace and the advantage of having fixed braces in South Benfleet is that they will be continually working to move your teeth. Additionally, our dentist will be able to plan each tooth movement extremely precisely as fixed braces provide highly predictable results. Another nice thing about this system is the brackets as they are clear coloured and extremely small. Tooth coloured wires are attached to the brackets, creating an overall look that is virtually invisible.


This is yet another option that again uses a fixed brace. With this system the brackets are triangular shaped and utilise advanced technologies to move the crown of your tooth and your tooth root at the same time, enabling our South Benfleet dentist to move your teeth more quickly and effectively.

If you are interested in teeth straightening in South Benfleet, why not give us a call to book a consultation? Phone us on 01268 793485 or if you prefer you can book online at

Get a Straighter Smile in As Little As Six Months

A straighter smile can undoubtedly look more attractive, but who wants to spend many months or even a year or more wearing braces in Southend? The good news is that often you don’t need to spend very long straightening up your smile as over the past few years orthodontic technologies have become increasingly sophisticated. Often our dentist in Southend will be able to correct the position of your teeth in just a few months using the very latest and most discreet braces. One possible option is called Six Months Smiles which as you might have guessed has an average treatment time of just six months.

straighter-smileWhat Is Six Months Smiles?

Six Months Smiles is a fixed brace so in that way it is quite traditional but the brace itself relies on updated technologies. The thing that makes Six Months Smiles so different is the use of its specially designed brackets. These are Lucid-Lok clear brackets so they are extremely discreet and the brackets are attached to thin tooth coloured wires. The overall effect is virtually invisible. The brackets are designed to use low forces to correct the position of your teeth in a way that is more comfortable and extremely safe, making treatment much more pleasant while still being very effective. The brace brackets are attached to your teeth through the use of special patient tray kits. This ensures they are placed in exactly the right positions while keeping your appointments short and comfortable. Six Month Smiles combines the best of both worlds, so you get all the advantages of braces that are virtually invisible, while having fixed braces provides a high degree of precision so you can get great results.

What Kind of Orthodontic Problems Can Be Treated with Six Months Smiles?

Six Months Smiles is great for treating problems with overcrowded or crooked teeth, or for closing up unwanted spaces in between your teeth. It can also help to realign teeth in a way that is comfortable and fast. To find out if Six Months Smiles could help you, the best thing to do is to have a consultation with our dentist in Southend. They will need to carefully assess your crooked teeth in Southend to determine the problems that require correction. Afterwards they can talk to you about possible treatments that could help. Six Months Smiles is a more cosmetically oriented brace which means it concentrates on straightening the teeth that you can see whenever you smile or talk and it won’t necessarily be right for correcting more complicated orthodontic problems. This is why it is able to provide results so quickly.

Southend Dental Care has a range of braces so if Six Months Smiles isn’t quite suitable then we are bound to have another teeth straightening option that could help you. Our choices include fixed and removable braces in Southend and each option is designed to work slightly differently.

To find out more about teeth straightening in Southend then why not give us a call on 01702 465000? You will also find lots more information about all our braces on our website at

Learn Why Fastbraces Really Are a Quicker Way to Get a Straighter Smile

If you’d love a straighter smile but don’t want to spend many months or even years achieving great results then Fastbraces might be the system for you. Fastbraces uses tried and tested technology, and it has achieved great success worldwide. This is a brace that can be suitable for both children and adults and it’s also extremely discreet as you can opt to have the brace brackets made from a clear ceramic material. As the name suggests, treatment is pretty quick with some people only needing a few months to a year to straighten their smile. This brace is also very versatile and can treat a wide range of different orthodontic problems.

fast-bracesWhat Makes Fastbraces so Good?

Fastbraces is a fixed brace and it can be an advantage choosing to straighten your smile in this way. This is because fixed braces enable your dentist in Clacton to move your teeth with a high degree of precision so that the end result should be a beautifully straight and attractive smile. A fixed brace can be a good option for anyone who has more complicated orthodontic problems and another advantage is that it will be working continuously to straighten your teeth. One problem with removable braces is that sometimes patients forget to wear them or will mislay them, lengthening overall treatment times.

How Does Fastbraces Work?

Conventional braces have square shaped brackets but Fastbraces is very different. Instead it uses a triangular shaped bracket that utilises low forces to move teeth. Unlike ordinary fixed braces where the crown of the tooth is moved first, with the tooth root being moved afterwards, Fastbraces moves both the crown and the tooth root at the same time in a way that is comfortable and gentle. This helps to reduce overall treatment times.

Spend Less Time Wearing a Retainer

With most orthodontic treatments you need to be prepared to wear a retainer just about permanently for a while after your brace is removed. This is essential to make sure the teeth do not drift back into their original positions until they have settled down. Fastbraces is rather different as you will only need to wear a retainer for around 20 minutes each day so it is easy to fit into your schedule and will not disrupt your everyday life.

Finding out More about Teeth Straightening in Clacton

This is only one of the options offered at Clacton Dental Care so if you are interested in finding out more about braces in Clacton, it’s best to book an appointment with our dentist. An initial consultation will determine if Fastbraces are the right choice for you or if there is something that could work a little better. During your consultation our dentist in Clacton will carefully examine your teeth and jaws to assess the problems requiring correction. Afterwards they can chat to you about possible options and can explain exactly how they work.

The book your consultation please call us on 01255 221001 or contact us through our website at

Which Braces Work Best? Fixed or Removable?

Here at Clacton Dental Care we are able to offer a choice of orthodontic treatments which include fixed and removable braces. Orthodontics is becoming increasingly popular as more adults seek to straighten their crooked teeth in Clacton. Recent advances in orthodontic technology have made it possible for our dentists to comfortably straighten teeth more quickly than you might have thought possible and modern braces are designed to be extremely discreet. There is no need to worry that we will fit you with highly visible and unsightly “train tracks” as today’s orthodontics couldn’t be more different. So what are your options?

braces clacton on seaRemovable or Invisible Braces

Our removable braces are amazingly discreet and can use clear plastic aligners to comfortably straighten teeth. Not surprisingly this choice is extremely popular as once in place the braces are virtually invisible. These braces are very easy to use as you simply need to wear each set of aligners for approximately two weeks. After this period the aligners are discarded for the next set in the series. Treatment continues until your teeth are in the positions that will have been pre-planned by our dentist in Clacton.

Fixed Braces

We also offer a fixed brace system called Fastbraces and which can be suitable for both children and adults. Just because it is fixed doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering as it is extremely discreet. With Fastbraces, the shape of the bracket has been designed to help move the root of the tooth as well as the crown at the same time. This is a little different from conventional teeth straightening in Clacton where normally the crown of the tooth is moved first with the tooth root moving later. The fact that we are able to move both together means that treatment is very comfortable and quick. Treatment can take anywhere from three months to a year to complete and we can achieve some great results.

It might be difficult to try and decide which teeth straightening option is best for you and this is where our dentist in Clacton can help. When you come to visit us to find out about braces then we will carefully assess the position of your teeth and the relationship between your upper and lower teeth, which is the way they bite or occlude together. It’s possible we may wish to take x-rays and impressions to decide on the best course of treatment for you. You will find we take a lot of time to explain each type of treatment and can answer all the questions you might have about fixed and removable braces. Ultimately our aim is to make sure your teeth straightening in Clacton provides the best possible results.

If you have decided that this will be the year that you finally straighten your teeth, then why not give us a call to book your initial consultation. This is free and will give you much more information about all the benefits of braces. Just give us a call on 01255 221001.

What Is a Cosmetic Brace and When Is It Used?

We are seeing an increasing number of adults looking to straighten their crooked teeth in Ladbroke Grove and quite often only limited treatment may be needed to help bring the teeth back into the correct alignment. Sometimes people will have had orthodontic treatment as a child but have failed to wear their retainers and have had what is called an orthodontic relapse where the teeth begin to move slightly towards their original positions. Other people simply never had braces as a child and have always had a slightly wonky smile.

cosmetic-bracesWhen Is It Possible to Have a Cosmetic Brace?

Where only minor orthodontic corrections are needed then we may be able to use what is called a cosmetic brace. This is ideal for people who do not have any significant problems with their bite and where generally only the front teeth need straightening. With a cosmetic brace it will concentrate on only straightening the teeth that are visible when you smile.

What Are the Advantages in Choosing a Cosmetic Brace?

There are several advantages to choosing this option as often treatment is relatively quick and this is reflected in the overall price of treatment. It can also be a healthier and more conservative option than choosing to straighten up these teeth with another treatment such as porcelain veneers and where we may have to remove some tooth structure. Whenever possible, our dentist in Ladbroke Grove prefers to leave healthy teeth fully intact and a cosmetic brace can help achieve this.

Are Cosmetic Braces Fixed or Removable?

Our Ladbroke Grove dentist is able to offer fixed and removable cosmetic braces and both options can achieve extremely good results. With our fixed braces, we use clear brackets that are cemented onto your teeth and which are attached to very thin tooth coloured wires with a system called Six Months Smiles. The whole effect is barely visible and is very effective. This particular brace uses very low forces to comfortably and quickly move your teeth, with most people completing treatment within just six months. Wearing a fixed brace can produce extremely precise results and it is working continuously to straighten your teeth.

Our removable cosmetic brace is called the Inman Aligner and is powered by nickel titanium coil springs that are attached to two aligner bows made from very thin metal wires. One of the aligner bows will go inside your front teeth while the other aligner bow is outside your front teeth. The nickel titanium coil springs create a squeezing action to gently realign your teeth. You will be able to take the brace out for cleaning and treatment can sometimes be completed in just a few months, and again this can be a very affordable choice.

Finding out More about Treatment

If you are interested in options for teeth straightening in Ladbroke Grove then it’s best to make an appointment with our dentist to find out more about all the different choices available to you. An initial examination will help our dentist determine the problems that need correction and we can chat to you about all the different types of braces and their pros and cons.

Just call Ladbroke Grove Dental Care today to book your consultation on 020 7727 9836.

Why Orthodontics Is about Far More Than Just a Straighter Smile

If you are fed up of having crooked teeth then you might have thought about investigating the possibility of having braces in Southend. It is likely that your primary objective is to get a nicer and more attractive smile which is an extremely good reason for having this treatment. There is no denying that an attractive smile can be a real asset and has helped many people both professionally and personally by boosting their self-esteem and self-confidence.

orthodontist in southendHowever from the point of view of your dentist in Southend, the objective of having a straighter smile is often to help a patient have healthier teeth. If you are sitting on the fence about having orthodontic treatment, then this could be an excellent reason for teeth straightening in Southend because you could be investing in your dental health as well as the appearance of your smile.

Why a Straighter Smile Is a Healthier Smile

If your teeth are quite overlapping or are very overcrowded then you probably struggle to brush and floss properly. Flossing can be a particular problem as it can be hard to get the floss in between teeth that are tightly packed in. Unfortunately, being unable to clean your teeth thoroughly greatly increases your risk of both tooth decay and gum disease. Those contact areas in between your teeth account for approximately one third of your tooth surfaces so it is a real issue if you cannot floss every day.

Orthodontic problems can also cause issues with the way your teeth bite together or occlude. If you have what is called a bad bite, where some of your teeth meet together before others then it can make it difficult for you to chew food properly. In addition, having a bad bite increases the chances of some teeth wearing down before others and the additional stress placed on these teeth can increase the risk of them becoming chipped or fractured.

By correcting all these problems, our orthodontist in Southend can help you enjoy all the benefits of having teeth that look fantastic and which are far healthier.

We Have Both Fixed and Removable Braces

When you come to see our dentist in Southend to find out more about orthodontics, then we will carefully assess your teeth and jaws before recommending a solution that we feel will provide the very best results. We are able to offer our patients both fixed and removable braces, both of which are extremely discreet. Our fixed braces are actually a very good option, using extremely small triangular ceramic brackets that are attached to very thin wires. Once in place they are pretty difficult to see but can provide amazing results, moving both the tooth root and the crown of your tooth the same time so treatment is quicker and more comfortable. Our removable aligners are made from clear plastic and are a very popular option that can be used to correct a wide range of orthodontic issues.

If you are ready to find out how straighter teeth could help improve your smile and your oral health, then why not give Southend Dental Care a call today on 01702 465000.