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Dentures / Overdentures

What are Dentures?

Dentures are removable false teeth made of acrylic, nylon or metal. They fit snugly over your gums to replace missing teeth and eliminate potential problems caused by gaps in your teeth.

Would Dentures be suitable for me?

If you have a few or all of your teeth missing, then Dentures would be a suitable solution to fix this. A denture is made from hard-wearing material that mimics the look of teeth and gums to give your mouth a natural appearance. Your denture will be made to fit snugly on your gums and you will be able to remove it for cleaning.

Are Dentures easy to eat and chew in?

When you wear dentures for the first time it may take some getting used to when eating and chewing. When you first start wearing dentures, you should try to eat soft foods cut into small pieces and chew slowly using both sides of your mouth. You should avoid eating sticky sweets or hard foods with sharp edges.

Importance of good dental hygiene with Dentures

Keeping your mouth clean is just as important when you wear dentures. It is important that you take extra care in your hygiene regime so that you can avoid bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. You should brush any remaining teeth, your gums and tongue every morning with fluoride toothpaste to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. The hygienist will be able to show you how to best take care of your denture and gums and will tell you about specialised brushes you can use to do this.

What are Overdentures?

Overdentures are removable dentures for people with a few or no remaining teeth. They
are secured by dental implants with a fitting which allows the denture to ‘clip’ onto.

Would Overdentures be suitable for me?

If you have loose or ill-fitting dentures, then Overdentures would be suitable for you. Your
ability to eat and speak may become affected if you have loose or ill-fitting dentures. Due to
advances in dentistry, there is now a procedure whereby your denture can be fixed to your
jaw with dental implants. This treatment, known as implant overdentures or denture
stabilisation, offers patients with dentures a more permanent solution and can improve
quality of life significantly. You will be able to enjoy your favourite foods again and feel
comfortable smiling, safe in the knowledge that your dentures are staying put.

The Overdentures treatment procedure

Here is how the Overdentures procedure works:
• You will have a minor procedure to place implants into your jaw.
• Once the implants have integrated with the bone and surrounding tissues for a period of time, your dentures are placed on top of the implants through a range of special fixtures.
• This means your dentures can still be removed for cleaning, but will stay put once in place.

Life Benefits of having Overdentures

• Enjoy a natural-looking smile and improved confidence in public.
• Experience less irritation of your gums caused by dentures and you don’t need to take your teeth out at night.
• You can eat, chew and bite without your dentures falling out or having to stick to a soft food diet for the rest of your life.

Happy dentures, happy smile – a guide to life with your false teeth

Dentures can be used to replace some or all of your natural teeth in one or both jaws. When all the teeth in one arch of the mouth need replacing, a full denture is used, whilst when one or more teeth need replacing, your dentist will use a partial denture.

dental-denturesModern dentures are very realistic in terms of both action and appearance. They are made by a clinical dental technician, who will work hard to ensure they look very much like your natural teeth. It is even possible these days to “age” dentures so that they fit perfectly with your face.

A range of hardwearing materials are used to make modern dentures, including acrylic, metal, and plastic. Your dentist will ensure that they fit snugly over your gums, although if you have them fitted in the immediate aftermath of tooth loss/extraction, you may have to come back to the dental practice to have them adjusted after a few months if the jaw bone starts to shrink.

Loss of bone density is a common consequence of losing many or all of your natural teeth. This can make your dentures slip and can make it difficult to eat and speak clearly if you don’t have them adjusted.

At Homewood Dental Care in Brentwood, the best way to solve this problem without needing frequent visits to the dental practice is to use dental implants to stabilise your dentures.

Dental implants are made from titanium and they replace the root portions of teeth, holding your dentures securely in position and also preserving the health of your jaw bone.

This treatment involves placing a series of implants in your jaw bone, then attaching your dentures to them with a range of special fixtures. You will still be able to take your dentures out to clean them, but otherwise they will stay where they should.

Cleaning your dentures is vitally important for your gum health. You should take them out and brush them before using special denture solution to remove food particles and bacteria at least twice a day. Always clean them over water or a soft surface, because otherwise they could break if you drop them.

Swap Your Loose Dentures for Strong and Stable Teeth

Having to wear dentures can be tiresome for many people, particularly as after just a few years of use they may begin to feel uncomfortable. It is a real problem as your jawbone continues to change shape once natural teeth are extracted. Initially, when your teeth are first removed by our dentist in South Benfleet, the bony ridge that used to hold them will be quite large and wide, but after a few years you will notice it begins to flatten and the ridge becomes narrower. Unfortunately dentures rely on this ridge for retention which is why they use can become so problematic after just a few years.

dental-denturesIf you are fed up of loose dentures and hate using messy denture adhesives then we do have a better solution for you. You can stabilise your loose denture by having just a few dental implants in South Benfleet.

An Affordable Way to Have Strong and Stable Teeth

Using dental implants to stabilise a loose denture is a very affordable way to obtain teeth that feel strong and stable and which will no longer move around. Just imagine all the foods that you will be able to eat and enjoy once again and socialising will become a pleasure without the fear of your dentures moving around. Instead, with implant supported dentures, you can look forward to enjoying the sensation of teeth that are held firmly in place. Often a lower denture can be supported with just four dental implants, while an upper denture might require a slightly larger number to hold it in position.

Suitable for Stabilising Both Upper and Lower Dentures

Generally, lower dentures tend to be more of a problem as their horseshoe design relies solely on the lower arch for retention. With an upper denture the upper palate is covered up which provides significantly more retention. However, it is worth bearing in mind that if you choose to replace your upper denture with an implant supported denture, then it will also be constructed in a horseshoe design and will be significantly less bulky as your upper palate will be uncovered. As a side effect of this, you will find food becomes a lot easier to taste properly as your upper palate contains lots of taste buds that will now be uncovered.

Only a Small Surgical Procedure is Needed

The surgical procedure required to insert the implants is very small and our dentist in South Benfleet will have precisely planned the procedure beforehand, making it smoother and quicker for you. There is no need to worry we will leave you without teeth during the healing period, as we can either provide you with a temporary denture to wear while the implants integrate with your jawbone, or it might be possible to adapt your current denture to fit.

Why put up with the misery of loose and uncomfortable dentures any longer? An initial consultation with a dentist here at South Benfleet Dental Care will tell you everything you need to know about this treatment. Call us today on 01268 79348 to book your appointment. You can also read more about dental implants in South Benfleet on our website at

Ways to Help Your Dentures Fit More Securely

Lots of people wear dentures and they are an extremely affordable and non-invasive way of replacing missing teeth. These days it’s possible to choose dentures that look very lifelike and natural, but wearing dentures isn’t without its problems. When your dentist in Downham Market first fits your dentures then they are likely to feel pretty comfortable and secure, making it possible to eat and talk properly. However things can change within just a few short years and many people will find their dentures becoming increasingly loose which can make eating and socialising with others a real problem, as after all who wants the embarrassment of their dentures moving about when you’re trying to have a conversation. If this applies to you, then there are several solutions that can help your dentures fit more securely.

dental-denturesRelining Ill-Fitting Dentures

This is one possible solution and to do this our Downham Market dentist will need to take an impression of your mouth and they will adapt the fitting surface of your denture to fit the new shape of your mouth more closely. This is done by adding new acrylic to the fitting surface so it should feel more comfortable.

Remaking Old Dentures

Another possibility is to have your dentures completely remade. This can be a good idea if they are quite old and have become worn down, or have broken and been mended several times. Your dentures do not last forever and remaking them should help them fit more securely and they will probably look much better and will provide the correct amount of support for your cheeks and lips.

Taking a Longer Term Approach towards Helping Dentures Fit More Securely

The problem with adjusting or remaking ill-fitting dentures is that it doesn’t treat the real issue which is caused by bone loss in your jaw. When your natural teeth are removed, your jawbone quickly begins to reabsorb and you are likely to see a substantial loss of bone within the first year after tooth loss. Not surprisingly this has the effect of making dentures fit far less securely as the loss of bone results in a loss of retention. Lower dentures tend to be much more problematic than upper dentures as their design automatically provides less retention. A longer term solution is to think about having dental implants in Downham Market. It’s possible to secure a lower denture with relatively few dental implants so this treatment is very affordable and can potentially be quite life changing.

With dental implants your denture will clip firmly into place so it cannot move whenever you eat or speak. You will be able to enjoy a far greater range of foods and concerns about socialising with others will become a thing of the past. You will need to take your denture out for cleaning and it’s important to keep your dental implants thoroughly clean but this is easy to do. With the proper maintenance your dental implants should last for many years and possibly for life, making this a great solution for tooth loss.

If you are fed up with struggling with loose and ill-fitting dentures then why not come to see us at Downham Market Dental Care? Our dentist can discuss all possible solutions with you, including dental implants in Downham Market. To book your appointment just give us call on 01366 382265 or if you prefer contact us through our website at

Make This the Year You Do Away with Loose Dentures

Here at Southend Dental Care we often see patients who are struggling with ill-fitting and uncomfortable dentures. It is a common problem that can develop after just a few years of wearing full dentures. Unfortunately this discomfort is due to changes in the shape of the jawbone so options to improve the fit of dentures are quite limited.

dental-dentureOnce you lose your own teeth then your jawbone will gradually begin to reabsorb, as without the stimulation provided by your tooth roots, old bone cells are no longer renewed which results in the bony arch that used to support your teeth gradually becoming narrower and flatter. This means there is less retention for your denture which is why we often suggest that patients think about having dental implants in Southend.

How Dental Implants Can Stabilise Loose Dentures

By using just a few optimally placed dental implants, our dentist in Southend can successfully stabilise a loose and ill-fitting denture, making discomfort the thing of the past and enabling you to eat and talk far more easily. Implant supported dentures will securely clip onto the dental implants as they will have special attachments on the fitting surface of the denture. This means you can still take the denture out to clean it, but once it is clipped into place then you will no longer have any concerns about moving about and as it will no longer be resting on your gums, you should no longer have any sore spots.

Who Can Have Implant Supported Dentures?

Our dentist in Southend does assess everyone interested in dental implants extremely carefully as we want to make sure this treatment is the best possible option for you. When you come to visit our dental practice to find out more, we will want to know about your medical history and after examining your mouth we will need to take various diagnostic images that may include x-rays and a CT scan. All this information is used to assess the available bone in your mouth into which the implants can be inserted. We need to know your medical history just in case you have any health issues that may affect the success of treatment.

The good news is that most people are highly suitable for dental implants but there are a couple of common conditions that can affect this treatment and which include smoking and diabetes. If you do smoke then we strongly advise you quit before having dental implants as it does slow down healing, increasing the risk of implant failure. If you are diabetic then you may still be suitable for dental implants in Southend as it all depends on how well your diabetes is controlled.

We have found dental implant treatment to be highly successful and if you do struggle with loose dentures then it can greatly improve your quality of life. As just a few dental implants are normally required, treatment is often highly affordable and when properly cared for your dental implants should last for many years. If you are interested in finding out more about dental implants in Southend, call us today on 01702 465000.

Why Put up with Loose Dentures When the Solution Could Be Simple?

Loose dentures are an extremely common problem and it’s something we see a lot here at Clacton Dental Care. Unfortunately this issue is often unavoidable, particularly where lower dentures are concerned and the reason for this lies in the way the jawbone is gradually absorbed once natural teeth are removed. This does mean that the bony ridge that used to support your teeth will gradually flatten and will become narrower, offering less and less retention to a denture.

dental implants in clactonWhereas an upper denture covers up the upper palate and has relatively good retention, a lower denture relies almost exclusively on that bony ridge and things can become tricky after just a few years of use. Denture adhesives only offer a temporary solution and can be somewhat messy and expensive so why not consider an alternative and much longer lasting option?

How Dental Implants Could Help Stabilise Your Denture

We are able to offer the most advanced dental implants in Clacton and these can be used to help stabilise your denture by holding it firmly in place until you want to take it out to clean it. To do this, several dentures are inserted into predetermined positions in your jawbone, usually in areas where they will maximise use of the available bone, providing the greatest amount of stability and strength.

Often only relatively few dental implants are required and this does make treatment very affordable. Once the dental implants are in position our dentist in Clacton will either attach a bar to the implants, to which your denture can be attached, or the implants will have special attachments that will clip onto special fittings on the underneath or fitting surface of your denture. If you can currently knock your dentures out of position with your tongue and find it tricky to eat all those foods that used to love then just imagine how stable your new implant retained denture will feel. With it clipped firmly in position, you will be able to enjoy all those foods you thought were too tricky to eat with ordinary dentures and you can talk and socialise with others with complete confidence, knowing there is absolutely no risk of your dentures moving around and making it obvious they are not your natural teeth.

So Who Can Have Dental Implants?

Provided you don’t have any immune problems or medical issues that could affect healing and that you are generally healthy and don’t have any untreated dental diseases then it’s likely you will be suitable for dental implants in Clacton. Of course we will need to have a proper consultation with you to discuss this treatment more fully and to make sure that it is a good choice for your situation. One thing to bear in mind is that you must be prepared to look after your dental implants to avoid them becoming infected. This is very straightforward and we can show you how to clean around them to keep them free from plaque and food debris.

If you are fed up with wearing loose dentures then why not come and talk to us? A consultation with our dentist in Clacton will tell you much more about this wonderful treatment. Call us today on 01255 221001.

You Don’t Need to Put Up With Loose Dentures

If you have a complete upper or lower denture then you probably found it fit pretty well to start with, restoring your ability to eat and talk reasonably well. However it can be a different story after a few years of use and this is due to changes to the shape of your jawbone and which cannot be avoided.

How Your Jawbone Changes Shape When You Lose Teeth

dental implants in South BenfleetYour tooth roots have an important function, not only in supporting the visible part of the tooth which is called the crown, but in ensuring that your jawbone remains healthy and strong and the correct size and shape. When teeth are extracted, this function is lost and as a result old bone cells aren’t renewed and the jawbone gradually changes shape becoming flatter and narrower. This affects the stability of any remaining natural teeth and also has a huge impact if you have had all your natural teeth removed. Initially the bony ridge that used to support your teeth will be quite well pronounced but this will gradually become narrower and flatter, offering greatly reduced retention for your denture. This is where dental implants can help.

Using Dental Implants to Stabilise Your Loose Denture

We think this is a great technique for anyone struggling with a loose denture and who is looking for a cost-effective solution to secure it firmly in place. This treatment is also known as having an implant overdenture or an implant supported denture. To do this procedure, our dentist in South Benfleet will need to first assess your suitability for dental implants. If you decide to proceed, a number of diagnostic tests are required to plan the actual procedure. Extensive planning helps ensure the success of this treatment and that everything will go smoothly, causing minimal stress for you.

To stabilise the denture, several dental implants are inserted in optimal positions in your jaw. Once in place they have to be left to heal and integrate with your jawbone but there is no need to worry as you will still be able to wear your denture during this time. As soon as your dental implants are fully healed, we can fabricate your new implant supported denture. To do this special implant attachments are fixed to the fitting surface of your new denture so it can clip on to the dental implants. You won’t need to worry about your dentures moving around anymore and you will find you can eat a far greater choice of foods making life that much more pleasurable. Your dentures will still be easy to remove so you can keep them fresh and clean.

Many people have already been helped by opting for dental implants in South Benfleet and this treatment is tried and tested and has been safely used for decades. Provided you look after your dental implants, treatment can be a long-term solution for complete tooth loss, restoring your teeth in a way that will feel as natural as possible.

If you are interested in finding out more about dental implants, please give South Benfleet Dental Care a call on 01268 793485 so we can book your initial consultation.

Dentures Vs Full Mouth Implants

As a dentist in Clacton we often see patients with one or more teeth missing. When you’re missing a tooth it doesn’t just affect your personal appearance but has other consequences too. You may feel uncomfortable when you’re eating or speaking, and you may feel self conscious about smiling or laughing in front of others. Gaps in your smile where teeth are missing aren’t just embarrassing but can prevent you from enjoying a healthy diet.

denturesIf you’re missing all of your teeth then the situation gets far worse than a toothless jaw. Your facial features start to collapse as the jawbone shrinks in size and thins, and the loss of bone can lead to vital structures such as nerves becoming exposed.

Thankfully these issues can be rectified with dentures and dental implants in Clacton. Both methods of restoration will replace your missing teeth and help you eat, smile, and speak with confidence. However these two options do vary greatly in comfort and reliability.

Problems with dentures

While dentures are an effective way of replacing missing teeth they do need to be removed and cleaned to avoid infections and diseases. There’s also a risk of them slipping or falling out, cracking and breaking. They can also be uncomfortable and may affect your speech and ability to chew food properly.

Implants are more like the real deal

Dental implants in Clacton can solve these issues because they look and function just like real teeth. Because they’re embedded into the jawbone they take on the role of a tooth root, stimulating the jaw bone to prevent bone loss and shrinkage, whereas conventional dentures actually accelerate the process of bone loss. As few as 4-6 implants are used to secure a set of dentures which can be cemented permanently into place or snapped on and off for easy cleaning. Conventional dentures tend to look false because they sit on top of the gums whereas implant retained dentures are anchored securely into the gum and are able to withstand more bite force, enabling the wearer to eat just what they like, when they like.

If you want a tooth replacement solution that feels almost like you’ve been fortunate enough to get a third set of teeth, then dental implants are by far the best option. You won’t ever have to worry about your teeth slipping or falling out or being embarrassed in front of people.

If you’d like to learn more about dental implants in Clacton and what they can do for you, then why not book a consultation with Clacton Dental Care by calling 01255 221001 or make an appointment online. We’re a private and NHS dentist in Clacton providing modern dental treatments for all the family.

Why Implant Supported Dentures Are Truly Life Changing

If you’ve lost all of your upper or lower teeth then life can be pretty challenging even if your teeth are replaced with dentures. As a dentist in North Harrow we have plenty of patients who wear dentures and a common complaint is fit, or rather lack of it! Poorly fitting dentures can make a person’s life a misery. Slipping and sliding around in the mouth, they not only rub the gums and make them sore, but speaking and eating is extremely difficult too. Often denture wearers find themselves limited to eating soft bland food because it’s that much easier, and all too often they refrain from socialising, for fear that their shifting dentures will cause them embarrassment.

Why do dentures become loose?

dental implants in North HarrowWhen teeth are lost then bone loss starts to occur because the body thinks that there is no further need for the bone which once held the missing teeth. As a result, and over time, the jawbone starts to shrink and change shape, and if you’ve had missing teeth for several years, then you may find that your jaws have shrunk inwards making you look far older than your years. As the jaw starts to change shape so the denture becomes loose and needs constant adjustments.

So what’s the alternative?

The good news is that it isn’t all doom and gloom and we have a solution by means of dental implants in North Harrow. You’ve probably heard of dental implants for replacing missing teeth, but they can also be used to anchor a set of dentures to the gums to prevent them from moving. Implants consist of tiny titanium posts which are surgically embedded into the jaw and which, after time, bond with the surrounding bone to form a permanent feature which can then support dental crowns or prosthetics such as a bridge or denture. Since the implants act as substitute tooth roots, they stimulate and regenerate healthy bone, to preserve the shape of the jaw.

As few as 4 dental implants are placed into the jaw and left to heal. Once they have bonded with the surrounding bone then special fittings are attached to the implant posts and the underside of the dentures, so that they can be easily snapped on and off for cleaning.

Benefits of implant supported dentures

  • Secure custom fit tooth replacement which uses as few as 4 dental implants
  • Prevents further bone loss and means that dentures don’t need adjustments
  • Natural looking denture which is anchored into the jaw so that it doesn’t slip
  • Easily maintained just like real teeth
  • Patients can speak normally and eat a more varied diet since the implant supported dentures can absorb a greater bite force

Implant supported dentures will make you smile again, restoring your confidence and giving you a better quality of life in general. If you’d like to find out more, then why not come and speak with your local dentist in North Harrow, Imperial Dental Care. Call us today on 020 8427 2264 or you can book online at

Exploring The Benefits Of Implant Supported Dentures

Dental implants in Basildon Have become enormously popular and we’re seeing a rise month upon month of patients enquiring about this type of dental treatment. Implants are the closest thing to real teeth because they are anchored into the jaw and serve as a tooth root. When topped with a dental crown not only do they look exceptionally natural, but they also feel and act very much like birth teeth.

dental implants in BasildonHowever, although most people know about dental implants and how they are used to replace missing teeth, not everyone is aware that they can also be used to support dentures. As anyone who wears dentures will tell you, it can be a real challenge to keep them secure in the mouth and prevent them from slipping. When this happens, it can make the mouth feel extremely sore and can also impact on speaking and eating. It’s also quite embarrassing if dentures slip when a person is out and about in public, and often this fact alone can make a person feel like they need to stay at home and avoid social situations altogether.

Fortunately your dentist in Basildon can offer a solution in the way of implant supported dentures. As few as four implants can be placed into the jaw in strategic positions to anchor the dentures firmly into the mouth. A short period of surgery is required for the implant posts to be placed into the jawbone and once this is done they’re left to heal and bond with the surrounding bone and gum tissue to form a permanent fixture in the mouth. Special fittings are then used to attached the dentures to the implants and the wearer can simply remove them. as they would normally to clean, and then snap them back into position.

The advantages of implant supported dentures are numerous and include;

  • Stability – Because the implants are embedded into the jaw to support the dentures they remain stable and secure, unlike anything you could ever hope for when using dental adhesive.
  • Improved functionality – Once the implant secured dentures are in place, patients are able to speak, bite, and chew far more easily than they could with conventional dentures. Strong and secure they can withstand a far greater biting force and the wearer will find they can eat a wider diet without being limited to softer foods.
  • Look completely natural – Conventional dentures sit on the gum line so there is often a gap beneath the denture and the gum beneath. Since implant supported dentures are secured into the gum they look far more natural and can’t be distinguished from any remaining teeth.
  • Puts a halt to bone lossDental implants in Basildon stop the bone loss, which occurs when teeth are missing, from happening because they stimulate the gums in much the same way as tooth roots, generating new growth and promoting healthy gums. This means that the jaw doesn’t shrink and start to change shape, which is why dentures become loose in the first place.

If you’re tired of uncomfortable dentures and long for an alternative which feels comparable to having your own teeth back again, then implant retained dentures could be the answer. Why not book a consultation with Felmores Dental Care to find out more and discuss your tooth replacement options. You can call us direct on 01268 726789 or book online at As an evening and weekend dentist in Basildon, we aim to be as flexible as we possibly can.