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Looking for an NHS dentist in Southend? Look no further

Finding an NHS dentist doesn’t have to be taxing. Southend Dental Care accepts NHS patients of all ages. We are committed to providing the highest standards of dental treatment to all patients, regardless of their circumstances or needs. To sign up with an NHS dentist in Southend, get in touch today.

NHS-dentistNHS dental treatment is delivered on the basis of clinical need. It is priced by band, meaning you will have a clear idea of treatment costs no matter what procedure you require. Prices for NHS dental care are scheduled to rise again in April 2017, so it is best to book your first appointment today to avoid these price increases.

For the year 2016-17, the bands and prices for treatment from an NHS dentist are as follows:

Band 1 course of treatment –  £19.70

This covers the basics – clinical examination by a dentist, including x-rays as necessary. It also covers diagnosis, advice on how to prevent future problems, a scale and polish with a dentist if you need it, and preventative application of fissure sealants and fluoride varnish.

Band 2 course of treatment – £53.90

As well as everything included in Band 1, this second band includes any fillings you may require, as well as root canal treatment to treat tooth infection, and tooth extractions.

Band 3 course of treatment – £233.70

The final band includes everything in Bands 1 and 2, and also covers more extensive restorative procedures. This includes the placement of dental crowns, dentures, or bridges.

Free NHS dental treatment

Many people qualify for free dental treatment on the NHS. This includes pregnant women, and children up to the age of 18 (as well as 19-year-olds who are in full-time education). People who receive a number of state benefits also qualify for free treatment – if you are unsure if you qualify in this category, you should contact our Southend dental practice or your local benefits office to check your status.

Those who qualify for free NHS dentistry should bring their exemption certificate or any other supporting information with them to their first appointment. For those who pay for NHS dental care, payment is required at the first appointment.

Finding an NHS dentist in Clacton

If you are looking for an NHS dentist in Clacton, you should get in touch with Clacton Dental Care today. We believe in providing quality professional dental treatment to every patient who walks through our doors, regardless of their clinical needs or personal circumstances. Your appointment with an NHS dentist is just a phone call away.

NHS-dentistTreatment from an NHS dentist is delivered on the basis of clinical need, and is priced by band. Many people qualify for free dental treatment on the NHS. Those entitled to free dental care include:

  • Children and young people aged 18 and under
  • Full-time students aged 19 and under
  • Pregnant women
  • Those in receipt of a variety of state benefits

If you are unsure whether you qualify for free treatment from an NHS dentist, you should contact the reception team at Clacton Dental Care, or your local benefit office, for further information.

Anyone who does qualify for free treatment needs to bring proof of their exemption from charges to their first appointment. This may be an exemption certificate or other relevant documentation – again, our reception team or your benefits office can advise you on what you should bring.

For those who pay for their NHS dentistry, prices are organised by band, and are dependent on the extent of treatment required.

The NHS dental charges for the year 2016-17 are:

Band 1 course of treatment – £19.70

The first band includes a clinical examination from an NHS dentist, as well as any x-rays needed to help with diagnosis. The dentist can perform a scale and polish to remove any plaque that has built up, can provide preventative treatments of fluoride varnish and fissure sealant, and can give you advice on how to prevent future oral health problems.

Band 2 course of treatment – £53.90

Everything in Band 1 is also covered in Band 2, with the addition of any fillings (usually metal amalgam, unless they are in the front teeth), root canal therapy, and the removal of unsalvageable teeth.

Band 3 course of treatment – £233.70

The final band includes dental restorations – bridgework, crowns, and full or partial dentures – as well as all the treatments in the first two bands.

Don’t Miss Out on Signing Up With an NHS Dentist in Watton

If you have been struggling to find an affordable dentist in Watton, then we have some great news, as Clarence House Dental Care is currently accepting new NHS dental patients, but please don’t delay as you could miss out because we can only take a limited number of people.

An Affordable Way to Look After Your Teeth               NHS-dentist

NHS dentistry offers an affordable way to gain access to great dental care. We only have one set of adult teeth so it is important to look after them and it’s always cheaper than having to replace them, especially as your own teeth are always the very best option! The nice thing about NHS dental care is that all the basic treatments to help prevent and treat common problems are included.

This means the cost of a dental examination is extremely affordable and covers not only a check-up, but any x-rays required plus a scale and polish. Preventative dental treatments included in this first tier of treatment are fissure sealants and fluoride varnish.

Fissure sealants are particularly good for protecting the chewing surfaces of adult back teeth, sealing the fissures and creating a smooth, easy to clean surface. Treatment is quick and non-invasive and will last for several years. It’s generally best applied to children’s adult teeth as soon as they emerge, but fissure sealants can also be good for adults who have healthy and cavity-free back teeth. Fluoride treatments are particularly effective for hardening teeth, reducing your risk of tooth decay, as fluoride helps to protect tooth enamel and disrupts the action of decay causing bacteria.

If you do need any treatment then you will find it is very affordable and is covered in the second band or tier. Treatments covered include fillings and root canal therapy as well as any tooth extractions. The third band of treatment covers everything included in the previous two bands, plus the cost of crowns, bridges and dentures.

By coming to see our NHS dentist in Watton every six months or so, you can enjoy all the benefits of having a healthy and well maintained mouth. Dental health is extremely important, particularly if you already have any health issues that affect your immune system. If you do then please tell our Watton dentist as we can work with you to ensure you get the treatment needed to protect your dental and general health.

Mix and Match Your Treatments

NHS dentistry doesn’t cover the cost of orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry, but if you’d like to improve the appearance of your teeth then there is no reason why you can’t mix and match your treatments. Just because you are registered with an NHS dentist in Watton, it doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from our comprehensive range of cosmetic dental treatments. This means that if you need a filling in a back tooth you can choose to have a cosmetic white filling rather than an amalgam silver coloured filling. If you need a new crown then you may want to opt for one of the very latest all ceramic crowns which can look amazing and are particularly good for restoring front teeth.

If you wish to register with our NHS dentist in Watton, please contact us on 01953 882777. You can also find out more about NHS dentistry and the applicable fees on our website at

Need an NHS Dentist? Look No Further

If you have been looking for a great NHS dentist in Southend then your search is over as Southend Dental Care is currently taking on new NHS patients. NHS dentistry is a great way to get essential dental care for an extremely affordable price.

NHS-DentistWhen you come to see our NHS dentist in Southend you can have a complete check-up as well as dental x-rays if required and a scale and polish if needed. NHS dentistry also covers preventative dental care which includes an application of fluoride varnish and the use of fissure sealants.

Preventative Dental Care under the NHS

Fluoride varnish is a great way to harden tooth enamel and can be very effective in helping to prevent future tooth decay. Treatment is quick and non-invasive as the fluoride varnish is simply painted onto your newly cleaned teeth and left to penetrate for a few hours or even overnight before you can brush it off. Fissure sealants are used to protect the chewing surfaces of back teeth. These teeth surfaces often need to be filled as they are particularly vulnerable to tooth decay. This is because these surfaces are often quite intricate, with deep fissures and grooves that are tricky to keep clean with a toothbrush. Fissure sealants seal these surfaces with a special flowable plastic material, creating a surface that is smooth and easy to clean but which won’t interfere with your bite.

Get Advice on How to Look after Your Teeth and Gums at Home

Our Southend dentist can also chat to you about better ways to look after your teeth and gums at home and they may suggest using a different toothbrush or floss and can show you how to use interdental brushes to clean in between your teeth. We do take preventative dentistry very seriously and of course questions about dental care are always encouraged.

Get Treatment to Restore or Replace Missing Teeth

Our NHS dentist in Southend can provide treatment to restore teeth that may have become infected or decayed with procedures such as fillings and root canal therapy and crowns. We can also provide tooth extractions if there is no hope of saving a tooth. Under the NHS you can also replace missing teeth with dentures or bridges.

The nice thing about visiting our dental practice is that we can provide both private and NHS dentistry. Even though you may be registered with our NHS dentist in Southend, you can still choose to pay for some treatments privately while still receiving your routine dental care under the NHS. For example if you wish to have any cosmetic dentistry in Southend or are interested in advanced treatments such as dental implants, then we can definitely chat to you about the additional costs involved.

NHS dentistry is a great way of accessing top quality preventative and routine dental care, helping to preserve your natural teeth for as long as possible. If you are interested in signing up with our NHS dentist in Southend then we’d recommend you contact us as soon as possible. Contact us today on 01702 465000 and you can also find out more about NHS dental care on our website at

Did You Know Poor Dental Health Can Affect Your General Health?

Did you know the health of your mouth and your general health are very closely linked? In fact good oral health is essential for good general health and well-being. Having a healthy mouth will enable you to eat comfortably, improving nutrition. Additionally a nice healthy smile can boost self-esteem and self-confidence and makes it easier to socialise with others. Your mouth also serves as a sort of window and can provide signals as to your general health. For example pale, bleeding gums can indicate blood disorders and mouth ulcers can be a sign of a general health disorder.

dental-healthBacteria from your mouth can affect the rest of your body, causing infection and inflammation, particularly if you have an impaired immune system. These bacteria can often get into the body through gums that have been damaged by advanced gum disease. Advanced gum disease or periodontal disease has been associated with a number of different systemic diseases, although the exact links are not yet fully understood. There have been a number of clinical studies that have found associations between periodontal disease and chronic diseases such as heart disease, some cancers and diabetes. All of us here at Downham Market Dental Care are all too aware of the link between a healthy mouth and a healthy body and it is one of the reasons why we take your oral health so seriously and encourage regular visits to our dental practice.

It Isn’t Difficult to Achieve Good Oral Health

The good news is that it really isn’t that difficult to achieve good oral health and we can help you do this with regular check-ups and oral hygiene appointments combined with advice on how to improve your dental care at home. We can also give you advice on other factors that can affect your oral health such as smoking and diet.

When you visit our dentist in Downham Market, your mouth will be carefully assessed for any signs of disease and you will receive a personalised treatment plan based on your current level of dental health. This will show how often you should come and visit us and any treatments we feel are required to restore dental health.

We strongly suggest that you visit our hygienist at every check-up to have your teeth professionally cleaned. This is a great treatment for helping to maintain strong and healthy gums and our hygienist is excellent at helping patients to improve oral care at home. We know lots of people struggle with flossing and sometimes just being shown a new technique or even a new tool to try can make a huge difference to oral health.

Haven’t Visited a Dentist for a While? We Can Help

If you haven’t seen a dentist for a while then there is no need to worry that we will judge you in any way as we simply want to help you gain and maintain great dental health. We know people can struggle to come and see us due to dental fears and anxieties and we want to assure you that you will receive extremely gentle dental care at our practice. Another thing to bear in mind is that you can see an NHS dentist in Downham Market and can have all the treatment needed for good dental health.

If it is time for a check-up then please give us a call to book your appointment with our Downham Market dentist. You can contact us on 01366 382265.

Enjoy Easy Access to Top-Quality NHS Dentistry

If you have been struggling to find an NHS dentist in Clacton then look no further as we are currently welcoming new NHS patients to our dental practice. Now you don’t need to struggle with discomfort or pain as you can book to see our NHS dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings as well as other essential dental care. We can provide all the treatment you need to gain and maintain a healthy mouth and if you would like additional treatments such as cosmetic dentistry in Clacton or perhaps orthodontics, then you have the option of paying for these privately at our practice. This gives you complete freedom to choose all the dental treatments you need or want.

Learn What Is Covered under NHS Dentistry

nhs dentistryUnder the NHS, you can come and see us for an examination and diagnosis which will include dental x-rays if necessary. During this appointment we can also scale and polish your teeth if required and we can also provide preventative dental care such as fluoride varnish or fissure sealants. Fluoride varnish is an excellent treatment for helping to harden teeth, reducing your risk of tooth decay while fissure sealants can protect the chewing surfaces of back teeth. These particular surfaces often have deep grooves and fissures that are not very easily cleaned with a toothbrush. As a result they can trap food and bacteria and have a tendency to develop cavities. Fissure sealants consist of a thin plastic coating that is painted onto the surfaces of clean teeth, completely sealing the teeth by creating a thin protective layer that will not interfere with your bite. During your initial examination we will provide customised advice on how to prevent any future dental problems from occurring and how to look after your teeth at home.

There are numerous other treatments that fall under the care of the NHS which include fillings, root canal therapy and tooth extractions. If you need any restorative work, then the NHS covers crowns, bridges and dentures. The cost of these treatments is all extremely reasonable and well within reach.

We thoroughly recommend that you see an NHS dentist in Clacton for regular check-ups a couple of times a year depending on your dental needs. Regular NHS dental care is an easy way to make sure your natural teeth last for as long as possible and by maintaining good dental health you will be helping to protect your general health so spending an hour or so every six months at our dental practice is well worth the effort. This is because a healthy mouth and a healthy body are very closely connected and poor oral health has already been linked to more serious health conditions in a number of clinical studies. These include rheumatoid arthritis, stroke and heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancers. In addition, it is nice to know that your smile looks its best at all times.

If you’re interested in NHS dentistry in our dental practice then please give Clacton Dental Care a call today to book your initial appointment with our dentist. You can call us on 01255 221001. We look forward to seeing you.

Are You Looking for an NHS Dentist in South Benfleet?

If you are then we have some very good news as South Benfleet Dental Care is currently accepting new NHS patients. We strongly believe that everybody should have access to affordable dental care and our NHS dentist provides an extensive range of treatments, all of which are within the range of everybody. By coming to see our dentist at regular intervals, we hope to ensure you can enjoy healthy teeth and gums and a nicely maintained smile at all times.

What to Expect during an NHS Dental Check-up

NHS dentist in South BenfleetDuring your check-up with our NHS dentist in South Benfleet you can expect to have your teeth and gums thoroughly examined. Our dentist will carefully check each tooth for any signs of decay or damage and will gently test your gums to make sure they are strong and healthy and that you do not have any signs of gum disease or periodontal disease. We also regularly check all the oral tissues in your mouth during a screening for oral cancer. This is very quick and non-invasive as our dentist will simply closely examine the inside of your mouth which includes your cheeks and your lips, the roof and floor of your mouth and your tongue. They are looking for any small signs that something might be wrong such as changes in the colour of these tissues or any unexplained lumps, bumps or sore patches that may require further investigation.

Your dental check-up includes x-rays if required and after the examination is completed our dentist will discuss the findings with you including the need for any treatment and advice on how to prevent future problems. Your teeth will be scaled and polished if necessary as this is an excellent treatment for helping to prevent gum disease. The appointment will finish with an application of fluoride which helps harden your teeth, protecting them against tooth decay.

What Happens If Any Treatment Is Required?

If you do need any essential dental care then it is covered under the NHS for a minimal cost. Procedures that included under NHS dental care are dental fillings and root canal work and tooth extractions if needed. It is important to note that our NHS dentist in South Benfleet will always do everything they can to avoid removing a tooth and this is definitely always the last resort. NHS treatment also covers crowns to restore badly damaged teeth, as well as bridges and dentures to replace missing teeth.

What Happens If I Want Any Other Type of Dental Treatment?

The really nice thing about visiting our dental practice is that we offer both NHS dentistry and private dentistry and once you are registered with our NHS dentist in Benfleet you are free to mix and match treatments as required. This means if you decide you’d like to have your teeth whitened or require some other kind of cosmetic dentistry treatment that isn’t covered under the NHS then you are free to pay for it privately and will be able to have this procedure completed in a familiar environment.

If you would like to come and see our NHS dentist in South Benfleet then give us a call today on 01268 793485 so we can book your first appointment.

Affordable NHS Dentistry Right Here in Downham Market

Downham Market Dental Care is proud to be able to offer its patients both NHS dentistry and a massive range of private dentistry treatments. If you are currently looking for a new NHS dentist in Downham Market then we are here to help you. Under the NHS, you can get all the treatments you need to help regain and maintain your oral health. Treatments offered under the NHS are segmented into three different bands, each of which is very affordably priced.

Explaining a Bit More about NHS Dentistry

NHS dentist in Downham MarketThe first band or Band 1 is the cheapest and covers your dental examination and diagnosis, including any x-rays you might need. You can also get advice from our dentist in Downham Market on how to prevent future oral health problems and you will receive a scale and polish if required. The treatment covered includes an application of fluoride varnish to help harden your teeth and protect them against tooth decay and it also includes fissure sealants. These consist of a very thin layer of plastic material, a little like tooth coloured filling material that is simply applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth, completely sealing them and preventing tooth decay. It is an excellent treatment but can only be carried out on healthy teeth that do not have any decay or any fillings.

The second band of treatment or Band 2 will cost you a little bit more but covers everything in Band 1 as well as restorative treatments which include root canal therapy for treating badly infected teeth and fillings to restore teeth. Root canal therapy or treatment is extremely useful if you have a deep cavity in your tooth that may have reached the central part of the tooth called the pulp. If this happens then you will probably be well aware of it because an infected tooth is usually pretty painful. By removing the pulp during root canal therapy, our dentist in Downham Market can save your tooth so it can be restored with either a filling or a crown. This particular band of treatment also covers tooth removal in the event that we cannot save a tooth.

The third band of treatment covers everything in the previous two bands plus crowns and bridges and dentures. This treatment band is extremely useful if you happen to suffer tooth loss or need a new crown to cover up a tooth that is very badly damaged or which perhaps has had root canal therapy.

Mix and Match Your Treatments

Even if you are registered with our NHS dentist, you can still choose to have private treatment. You may wish to do this if you fancy having some cosmetic dentistry in Downham Market and we have a great range of procedures to choose from. You might also wish to go private on occasion if you want more sophisticated treatments such as dental implants in Downham Market. The choice is entirely yours and of course we can discuss all possible options with you if you do need treatment.

Registering with our NHS dentist in Downham Market is simple. You will find a medical history form to download on our website so you can bring it with you to your first appointment or of course you can fill it in when you get here. Call us today on 01366 382265.

Are You Looking for an NHS Dentist in Basildon?

Are you looking for an NHS dentist in Basildon? Felmores Dental Care can help you as we are currently accepting new NHS patients. We know many people may have struggled to find a good local dentist and are pleased to be able to offer this vital service to residents in Basildon. Our NHS dentistry services can provide all the treatment you need to diagnose and treat common dental issues and our regular examinations will help keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong and free from disease. All these treatments are available at a very low cost and are easily affordable.

How General Dental Examinations Can Help You

nhs dentist in BasildonYour general dental examination will include a thorough check by our Basildon dentist. They will carefully check all the tissues inside your mouth, including your teeth and gums and all the soft tissues of your tongue, cheeks, lips and the roof and floor of your mouth. This exam is to check for any signs of abnormalities that require further investigation. If necessary, your dental exam will include x-rays as these can show us areas hidden from view such as tooth roots that might be infected, areas of decay in between your teeth and any changes to bone surrounding your teeth. Dental x-rays are also useful in diagnosing problems with teeth yet to erupt, in particular wisdom teeth.

Once your dental exam is complete our NHS dentist in Basildon can provide a scale and polish if necessary and an application of fluoride. This is a mineral that is very useful in hardening teeth, protecting them from decay and can be applied in the form of mouthwash or as a gel or foam in mouth trays that are simply worn for a few minutes in our dental practice. Dental education is an important part of preventative dental care and if necessary we can talk to you about the best way to brush and floss at home and about general dental care, and how your diet can affect your teeth. Sometimes even a healthy diet can adversely affect dental health and tweaking it slightly can help make a real difference.

Other Treatments Covered by the NHS

NHS dentistry also covers a comprehensive range of treatments at minimal costs. If you need a filling or root canal treatment, or if you need teeth removed, then these services are all covered. We do regard tooth removal as being the last resort and you can rest assured our NHS dentist in Basildon will do everything they can to help preserve your natural teeth as these are always the best design. If you do have to have teeth extracted, then we can provide bridges and dentures under the NHS. Our practice also provides a complete range of private dental services, so if you find you would like a treatment not covered under the NHS, such as cosmetic dentistry in Basildon, then we can easily arrange this.

Our practice has been providing NHS dental services for more than 25 years and we would welcome you as a new patient. Call us on 01268 726789 to book your first appointment.

Enjoy Better Dental Health This Year with Our NHS Dentist

We know it can be incredibly difficult to find an NHS dentist in Ladbroke Grove which is why our practice is so pleased to be able to offer our patients this service. You can enjoy a comprehensive range of NHS treatments at prices anyone can afford. Ladbroke Grove Dental Care has been offering NHS dental treatments to local residents for more than 25 years and the practice is currently welcoming new patients. If you have spent years without being able to see a dentist or have recently moved into the area, why not give us a call?

What Is Covered under NHS Dentistry?

nhs dentist in ladbroke groveYou will find our NHS dentist in Ladbroke Grove can provide all the treatments required to restore your teeth and to keep them healthy. Your first appointment should be for a proper check-up that will include a full examination and x-rays if needed, a scale and polish if required and a fluoride treatment. During this appointment we can also chat to you and provide advice on how to look after your teeth and gums at home and can talk to you about the best tools to use, including the right kind of toothbrush and dental floss.

Any dental problems can be diagnosed and suitable treatment prescribed. NHS treatment also covers common dental procedures that might be needed such as fillings, root canal therapy and tooth extraction. You can rest assured that we only extract teeth as a last resort and our NHS dentist in Ladbroke Grove will do everything possible to preserve your natural teeth. NHS dentistry also encompasses treatment to replace teeth which include crowns, bridges and dentures. The cost of all these treatments is very affordable but if you would like any additional treatments, for example any cosmetic dentistry in Ladbroke Grove then you can always choose to pay for this privately as it isn’t covered under the NHS.

Enjoy All the Advantages of Having Healthy Teeth and Gums

When you visit our NHS dentist in Ladbroke Grove, we can work with you to make sure your dental health is the very best it can be. The great thing about having regular dental care is that you can enjoy all the benefits of having healthy teeth and gums. For a start, your smile will look nicely maintained and you can look forward to having fresher breath. Additionally, looking after your oral health will help protect your general health and this is a very good reason for visiting a dentist regularly. Over the past few years there have been an increasing number of studies conducted into the links between good oral care and good overall health and you may already be aware of this connection. It’s been found that poor oral health can increase your risk of poor general health, worsening any existing conditions such as diabetes and increasing your risk of developing serious health problems. Being able to eat properly and without any pain or discomfort will also enable you to benefit from having a nutritionally sound diet that will can provide everything your body needs to remain healthy and strong.

If you are looking for an NHS dentist in Ladbroke Grove, why not give Ladbroke Grove Dental Care a call today? Just contact us on 020 7727 9836 to book an appointment.