Why Should I Replace Missing Teeth?

What causes tooth loss?

There are many reasons as to why adults will lose their teeth. The most common way is a combination of poor oral hygiene and a bad diet.

We recommend that you brush your teeth at least twice a day for a minimum of 2 minutes and also floss at least once a day to help reduce the amount of plaque build in and around your teeth. Plaque build-up can cause cavities. Cavities are caused as the bacteria eats away at the enamel on your teeth. Bad oral hygiene can also cause you to get inflamed and infected gums which are signs of gum disease. Both gum disease and tooth decay can weaken the tissues supporting your teeth which then leads to your teeth becoming loose and then possibly falling out.

Your diet is also key to maintaining your teeth and good oral hygiene. Eating a lot of sugary sweets, gum and other sugary snacks as well as drinking sugary drinks, can lead to tooth loss. Having lots of sugar in your diet contributes to tooth decay especially if you don’t use correct oral hygiene techniques. Smoking also contributes to tooth loss as it really damages your gums.

Should I replace a missing tooth?

There are a few reasons why you should replace your missing teeth promptly after they fall out.

The first reason is to keep your smile looking as good as possible to help your confidence. Having a missing tooth can affect your confidence so replacing your missing teeth will certainly help you remain confident about your smile.

Also, a gap in your teeth may contribute to the movement of your other teeth. The teeth surrounding the area of the missing tooth will tend to shift towards each other in order to fill the missing gap.

Lastly, replacing a missing tooth can be vital to how your teeth function. Your teeth are used for eating, communicating and smiling. If you are missing a tooth or more than one tooth, it can affect your pronunciation of words. Also, when eating certain types of food, it can affect how you eat and it can be very uncomfortable.

What treatments are there that can replace a tooth/teeth?

There are 3 main treatments that we would suggest to replace missing teeth.

The first treatment we would suggest for missing teeth is Dental Implants. In our opinion, dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. They act as a natural tooth root, allowing a crown to be attached which looks just like your other teeth. Here are some benefits of having dental implants:

  • Implants feel & look like natural teeth
  • Eat & drink with comfort
  • Implants are long lasting, stable and comfortable
  • We use a high quality branded implant for treatment
  • Clinically proven
  • High success rate

The second treatment we would recommend are Bridges. A bridge is a fixed solution to a missing tooth or teeth. Bridges are typically made of precious metal base which gives them a solid structure and makes them hard wearing. They are bonded to your natural teeth and a crown is placed in the gap. Having bridges makes chewing and eating easier as they are fixed.

The last treatment we would suggest would be Dentures. If you have a few or all your teeth missing, then dentures are a very good solution to solve this. A denture is made from a hard wearing material that mimics the look of teeth and gums to give your mouth a very natural appearance. You can remove your dentures so you can clean it to make sure your oral hygiene levels remain high.

Is it expensive to have missing tooth/teeth replaced?

Replacing missing teeth does come at a cost but we offer monthly payments which can help your dental treatment be more affordable in the long run. For example, one of the treatments we offer are dental implants. Dental implants could cost you from £39.90 per month over 60 months with 9.9% APR. If you want to know more about our finance, try our finance calculator to see what other monthly plans would suit you best and you can also have a look at the prices of all other treatments we have to offer. https://www.dentalcaregroup.org/dental-fees/

Tooth Decay

What is Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is a very common issue in today’s society and especially in young children. Tooth decay occurs due to a build-up of plaque on your teeth that releases acid. This causes the rotting and cavities to appear in your teeth. Allowing plaque to build up on your teeth can cause other issues such as gum disease or abscesses.

Symptoms of Tooth Decay

There are a few symptoms that may mean you or your child could be suffering from Tooth decay. Here are a few examples:

  • Toothache – continuous or intermittent pain
  • Bad breath
  • Black or brown spots appearing on teeth
  • Tooth sensitivity

Ways to prevent Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common problem however it can be entirely preventable. There are many ways to avoid tooth decay. Here are a few examples:

  • Visit your dentist regularly
  • Cut down on sugary food and drinks, particularly within an hour of going to bed
  • DO NOT smoke or drink alcohol excessively
  • Brush your teeth properly with fluoride toothpaste twice a day, using floss and an interdental brush at least once a day

Protecting your children’s teeth from Tooth Decay

To prevent your children from tooth decay, you must from an early age show them healthy eating habits and most importantly, show them the best ways to keep their teeth clean. By showing your children the best way to keep their teeth and gums clean, you will help them keep a lot more plaque from sitting on their teeth and this will significantly reduce the risk of them suffering from tooth decay. Also, regular visits to the dentist from a very young age will ensure that your children’s teeth are being cleaned properly. If you are not aware of the best techniques to show your children, a dentist can show them some of the best ways to keep their teeth as clean as possible.

Facial Aesthetic treatment; what’s it like and why have it?

So what’s it like to have anti-wrinkle treatment? We visited the Dental Care Group’s Chief Clinical Officer, Mayur Pandya to find out more:

I was expecting the treatment to take longer than it did, and for it to have been quite painful. Surprisingly, this was quite comfortable. Are most patients nervous about their treatment?

MP: All patients have a degree of anxiety before any treatment but I think that the uncertainty and anticipation of it all exacerbates this. It is important as a practitioner to be empathetic towards patients’ feelings of anxiety and to provide that reassurance throughout the procedure.

How do you decide what is the best way to achieve this?

MP: Communication and listening to your patients’ needs and wants is critical. Sometimes, the desired result is unachievable, partially achievable, or achievable only after multiple treatment visits and it is always important to highlight this from the very outset.

What does facial rejuvenation aim to achieve?

MP: rejuvenation aims to reverse the signs of ageing: reduction of active lines (wrinkles), plumping and increasing of skin/tissue volume and restoration of the elasticity of the skin.

What causes skin damage?

MP: Two big causes of premature skin ageing are exposure to sunlight and tobacco smoking. Photo-ageing  from chronic exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays can lead to loss of skin elasticity, volume, and thickening of the skin’s upper layers. This results in creasing, wrinkling and deep line formation. Additionally, the risk of skin cancers due to cellular DNA damage is hugely increased.

Living in Great Britain, sunlight should be less of a risk though?

MP: This is a common misconception. UV radiation is present in the atmosphere even in the winter months, even through cloud cover, just to a lesser degree.

We recommend to all of our patients on the skin clinic, sunscreen products all year round, and SPF50 in the summer months. NeoStrata Skin Active Cellular Support SPF30 is an excellent daily product.

And smoking?

MP: We recommend all of our patients to stop all tobacco products as part of their dental care, and encourage them to visit their GP or Pharmacy who can help them to join a smoking cessation programme. The incidence of oral cancers is increasing in the UK and tobacco is a major risk factor. The thousands of chemicals and multitude of carcinogens in tobacco smoke causes cellular DNA damage, leading to mutations, and reduces bloodflow, which in turn affects the skin and its ability to repair and turnover.

How does Botox make me look younger?

MP: Botulinum Toxin A, the active ingredient in Botox, Azzalure, Bocouture, is a protein that is produced by certain bacteria (Clostridium Botulinum) which temporarily blocks the activity of the nerves in the muscles and reduces the amount that these muscles move. In the forehead, for example, a commonly treated area of the face, this stops the skin creases around and above the eyebrows and around the eyes by reducing the muscles that cause these wrinkles. Consistent and controlled use of BTA, will therefore result in less or no creasing of the skin, thereby reducing the “active lines” and wrinkling which adds up over the years.

Is this how the Hollywood Stars look virtually wrinkle-free?

MP: Through regular, controlled and early use of BTA, people can reduce the activity of these powerful muscles in our face, thereby reducing the formation of wrinkles and slowing the appearance of ageing.

If Botox is a toxin, can it be used safely?

MP: BTA is a neuro-toxic protein which prevents the nerve from fully acting on the muscle. In larger doses, or from the bacterium itself, it can be harmful. However, if the dose is controlled, the delivery of the injections carefully placed, in relation to the anatomy of the patient, then the desired effect can be achieved. The dose can always be “topped up”, and in almost all cases, it is far better to underdose to control the effects. Always discuss your medical history, allergies and medicines that you may be taking, so that your practitioner can assess any risks and your suitability for treatment.

Are there any other uses for Botox?

MP: There are medical uses for BTA, including for migraines, excessive sweating, urinary incontinence and Multiple Sclerosis.

Why are dentists carrying out these facial aesthetics procedures, and why would they be the best people to carry out these treatments?

MP: Dentists undergo rigorous training at dental school in biochemistry and human anatomy to a high level with hands-on dissection training too. There is a huge focus on learning the muscles, nerves, arteries and veins of the face, as well as the skeletal sub-structure and so we are in a good position to understand the musculature and nerves which we are trying to act on. Further training in Botox refreshes this knowledge and unites the two disciplines. As dentists, we refine our dexterity and finer hand movements as well as being highly trained in delivering painless injections.

How long do the effects last?

MP: The effects of Botox usually last around about 3 months, however consistent and careful use of Botox can have a longer-lasting effect on the muscles and resultant skin tone and wrinkle formation. The advantage of the temporary effect of Botox is that if an undesired result is achieved, this will “wear-off” and is completely reversible.

What about dermal fillers?

MP: Dermal fillers are made of collagen, hyaluronic acid, or other materials. The filler that is commonly used is hyaluronic acid, with brands such as Juvederm and Restylane popular in the UK. Fillers combat “volume loss” and can be used to plump up the tissues under the skin, reduce wrinkles by reducing the sagging from loss of tissue volume. These are reversible and last between 4 to 6 months, although results can vary from individual to individual.

So a combination will result in a more youthful look.

MP: By reducing active lines and wrinkles, combating the loss of volume and plumping up the tissues to re-form the smooth contours of the face with accentuation of the jaw-line and cheekbones, age-related appearance changes can be visibly rejuvenated. Looking after the elasticity of the skin through cessation of smoking and effective sun-protection all goes hand-in-hand to maintaining that youthful look.

The Dental Care Group offers facial aesthetic treatment at a number of their dental practices. For more details email enquiries@dentalcaregroup.org



Teeth whitening options

Your smile is the first thing a person notices on introduction. Everyone smiles in the same language, and a smile represents humoru, joy and happiness around the world. But, the stained look of your teeth can devastate an otherwise gorgeous smile.

Is a dull, darkened, or yellowed smile preventing you from making the right first impression? At Dental Care Group in Brentwood, tooth whitening can brighten your smile. Getting your teeth whitened is considered to be one of the safest and most conservative cosmetic dentistry procedures available. Giving your pearly whites a beautiful shine with tooth whitening in Brentwood can often have the biggest impact on your overall smile.

Teeth Whitening in BrentwoodWhy do teeth darken?

Teeth darken for several reasons such as medication, certain foods, tannin-based beverages, dental traumas and even genetics. Other factors include using tobacco products, having severe decay or infections, the ageing process and not taking adequate care of your oral health.

Professional whitening at home

Our cosmetic dentistry patients can also opt for take-home tooth whitening kits. If you prefer the convenience of at-home teeth whitening, but you haven’t found success with over-the-counter teeth whitening products, you can get a professional teeth-whitening kit from our Brentwood practice.

If you’re dissatisfied with your yellowed, stained smile, then why not take advantage of Dental Care Group in Brentwood tooth whitening options, in our practice or in your own home?

Why am I losing my teeth?

It is not uncommon to lose one or  more of your teeth, either from trauma, decay, infection, or old age. Some people simply accept this and choose to not do anything about it. Your teeth are fundamental to the aesthetics of your smile and contribute to maximum dental and overall health. If they fall out or are extracted, you are advised to replace them.

Don’t let a gap in your smile affect your health, relationships, profession, or self-confidence. It’s time to give dental implants in Brentwood serious consideration.

Dental Implants in BrentwoodWhy do I need to replace missing teeth?

Your teeth play a big role in your digestive system, your speech and your appearance. They also promote strength in the jawbone; the more you chew, the stronger the bone and the more support for your teeth.

When teeth are missing, it throws off the mutual relationship between the bone and the teeth, and the jawbone will start to deteriorate. Neighbouring teeth can start to loosen and can shift out of place to fill in the gap and could even fall out completely if you do not seek treatment.

What exactly are dental implants?

Many people refer to the entire prosthetic as a dental implant, but technically, the implant is just the screw made from titanium. Your dentist at Dental Care Group secures the dental implant in the jaw, just as a natural tooth root. After oral surgery, the biocompatible metals, designed to be accepted by the body, fuse directly with the jawbone. This provides support for the abutment and crown that make up the rest of your prosthetic tooth, creating your completed dental implants in Brentwood.

What dental implants do you use?

For your dental implants in Brentwood, we use the Osstem dental implants system. It is currently the globe’s fifth most popular and trusted implant system and is Asia’s number one dental implant system. Over 60 countries around the world use this system out of many hundreds available.

For front teeth (incisors and canines) an angled abutment (post) will be required. Our dentists will advise you if you need the angled abutment (post) on back teeth for your dental implants in Brentwood.

A brighter smile to boost your confidence

Having a great-looking, healthy smile is a real confidence booster for many of our patients at the Dental Care Group in Southend. Tooth whitening continues to be a very popular cosmetic dentistry treatment with us, as it is throughout the world. This is because it is an effective and non-invasive way to improve your smile without the need for treatments that will alter your teeth forever.

Why do teeth discolour?

Teeth Whitening in SouthendTeeth can become stained and yellow due to a variety of causes, including simple neglect, which is why it is important to have regular dental check-ups and hygienist visits. Staining can come from drinking highly pigmented drinks, not just tea and coffee, but also juice, such as cranberry, and eating richly coloured fruits such as blueberries. Teeth can also be affected by exposure to fluoride and antibiotics. Aging also affects our teeth as they lose their brightness over the years.

One consequence of having discoloured teeth is a loss of confidence. You don’t want people to see your stained teeth, so you stop smiling and when you stop smiling, you don’t produce as much serotonin, the happy chemical. Is this already happening to you? Maybe you hold a hand over your mouth when you smile, or you supress your smile.

How we do tooth whitening in Southend

Here, at the Dental Care Group in Southend, tooth whitening can be done in 2 different ways. If you want an instant makeover you can come in to see us and have your teeth whitened in the practice clinic. The whitening gel is put into trays, which are fitted over your teeth once we have put in barriers to protect your lips and gums. It takes around an hour for the whitening gel, which is activated by a special lamp, to lighten your teeth.

If you are in less of a hurry you can have trays specially made to fit your mouth and then take them home with a milder form of bleaching gel. Over the next 2 weeks, you wear the gel-filled trays in bed at night, or for a few hours during the day, after which you can expect to start seeing results.

Replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Clacton

Missing teeth can affect your oral health or overall health in many ways. A missing tooth can compromise your bite, alter your speech and restrict your diet. In the long run, as you rely more on your healthy teeth, you increase the chance they will be damaged or lost prematurely.

At Dental Care Group in Clacton, dental implants, let you, not your teeth, lead your life. Our patients find that treatment with dental implants has been life-changing and has made a big difference to their ability to socialise, eat, chew and speak properly and generally to their quality of life. Recent advances in dentistry have made dental implants more practical than ever, even when patients have little remaining jawbone.

Dental Implants in ClactonWhat is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium post that replaces the root portion of a missing natural tooth. Dental implants can be fixed in either the upper or lower jaws. Due to the properties of titanium, dental implants attach to the jawbone and become a good foundation for the replacement teeth. Dental implants can replace single or multiple missing teeth – even a mouthful of missing teeth.

Why choose dental implants?

If you are missing one or more teeth, there are many reasons why you should consider dental implants in Clacton. Teeth that are not supported by a root, can eventually lead to jawbone shrinkage. This shrinkage will make your face look older and collapsed. Dental implants prevent deterioration of the jawbone and help the generation of new bone tissue. Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants preserve the healthy bone structure, have a high success rate and are the most lasting option. A dental bridge requires the removal of healthy tooth structure, whereas removable dentures are inconvenient, become loose over time and weaken any healthy teeth, increasing the risk of decay.

Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

Dental implants are quite versatile. As long are you are an adult missing one or more teeth due to injury, disease or tooth decay, you are likely a candidate for dental implants. The determining factor is jawbone quality and quantity. Your Clacton dentist will determine whether dental implants are a viable solution for you.

Do you love your smile?

Do you smile with confidence and laugh without giving it a second thought? Or do you feel self-conscious about your teeth and wish that your appearance was more attractive? Chipped, broken, missing, misaligned or discoloured teeth can all contribute to you feeling unhappy with how you look. This can really affect your quality of life as it constantly undermines the enjoyment you feel and how you express yourself. At the Dental Care Group, we know that looking after your teeth is more than simply about dental health. It is also about feeling and looking great so we are proud to offer cosmetic dentistry in Southend.

cosmetic-dentistry-southendSolutions for brighter smiles

We want you to enjoy your smile. At our practice in Southend, cosmetic dentistry has helped many of our patients feel better about their social interactions by giving them a smile to be proud of. Cosmetic dentistry is the art of enhancing your smile through a variety of techniques. Whatever you would like to change about your teeth, there is a procedure to help you. The first stage is to speak with your dentist and find out which treatment or combination of approaches will best meet your needs. We are proud to offer a friendly, empathetic and highly skilled service, so that you receive the care you need to get the results you want.

Options for cosmetic dentistry in Southend

Cosmetic dentistry in Southend has allowed many people to achieve the smile of their dreams. We offer a full range of options, from teeth whitening and dental veneers to smile makeovers and invisible braces. We can also discuss treatments such as dental implants or crowns with you. You can rest assured that we use modern techniques that are faster, more comfortable and less obtrusive than ever before. For example, clear braces allow crooked teeth to be realigned without having to wear ugly ‘train track’ metal braces for months.

Improving the appearance of their teeth has given hundreds of people brighter smiles in Southend. Cosmetic dentistry could be the start of a happier, more confident future, so please do get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Straighter teeth and happy smiles

Are you self-conscious about crooked or unevenly spaced teeth? If you are, having corrective treatment may give you the confidence to enjoy your smile, relish photographs and stop feeling awkward in social or professional situations. Did you also know that straighter teeth are healthier? This is because they are easier to clean, and properly aligned teeth work better as the bite functions correctly. At the Dental Care Group, we offer tooth straightening in Brentwood that allows our patients to have great oral health and smile with pride.

Straighten Teeth in BrentwoodModern options for straighter teeth

Many people miss out on having their teeth realigned as a child, and dismiss it as an adult due to concerns over procedures that they believe will be intrusive, unsightly, uncomfortable and time consuming. The good news is that advances in technology mean that having straighter teeth does not rely on having a mouth full of metal for long periods. We are proud to provide our patients with almost invisible tooth straightening in Brentwood. Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic trays that gently guide your teeth into position and are removeable for eating, cleaning or special occasions. If you just need your front teeth adjusting, then the Inman aligner works quickly, thanks to metal springs that exert the correct pressure to move your teeth. Some braces are so fast that we can offer Six Month Smiles – a whole new look in half a year using discreet tooth-coloured wires and clear brackets.

What to expect from treatment

Our patients’ needs are our priority in Brentwood. Tooth straightening has enhanced the quality of life for many people, thanks to increased self-esteem as well as a healthier mouth. An initial consultation with us allows us to take accurate impressions of your teeth and find out what you want to achieve. The braces are custom-made to suit your mouth and you will be provided with a fixed or removeable retainer if necessary at the end of treatment to ensure that your teeth stay in the correct position.

To find out how tooth straightening in Brentwood can give you the smile you long for, please do get in touch with our experienced team today.

You can have a new smile in just one day!

Do you find yourself avoiding photographs because of your missing teeth? Or perhaps you are experiencing the annoyance of loose dentures. The team at Dental Care Group in Southend want you to enjoy every smile and so offer a dental implant technique that is simple, reliable and long lasting. Best of all, your initial treatment can be completed in only one day.

Dental implants can effectively restore your lost teeth and thanks to advances in techniques, we can even offer you a new ‘smile in a day’. Dental implants in Southend are easier to place, less invasive and have a higher success rate than ever before. They work for the loss of a single tooth all the way to a mouthful of teeth. In the latter case it requires the fitting of 4 implants on the bottom jaw and 6 in the top. This small number of implants will result in a fully functional set of teeth that will look and feel completely natural.

Dental Implants in SouthendYour ‘smile in a day’ consultation

At our practice when it comes to a ‘smile in a day’ using dental implants in Southend, you’ll start by talking to one of our experienced dentists. This appointment is to carry out the planning, record taking and preparation, which is the foundation of your treatment, to ensure that everything runs smoothly with no surprises.

The process

Firstly, we will take a scan of your jaw, as this allows us to ‘virtually’ place your implants using computer imaging technology. We will then take photographs of your mouth and teeth. This helps us understand what the cosmetic issues you have and how to solve them – not just the teeth but also other important factors, such as lip position and cheek fullness, as these can be influenced by the final shape and size of your dental implants in Southend.

Next comes a full clinical investigation of the mouth, including gum health, detection of tooth decay, and checking the stability of your remaining teeth.

We’ll tell you all about what we find and then give you details about your dental implants in Southend, as well as the time frame for treatment and how much it will cost.