What Makes Dental Implants A Cut Above The Rest?

If you reside in the Southend area and you’re suffering with missing teeth or simply haven’t been able to get on with your dentures, then you might want to consider dental implants. Southend has a variety of clinics that fit dental implants including right here at Southend Dental Care. So the question is, are they really worth considering and if so why?

dental implants in SouthendBelieved by leading experts to be the most advanced form of missing teeth replacement, dental implants are fast becoming the most popular method of replacing teeth. That said what they aren’t is a quick fix solution. Firstly dental implants need to be attached directly into the gum. As a result they require an initial consultation, at least one surgical process, and lots of recovery time. They’re also initially expensive, usually costing two or three times the price of standard dentures or bridges. However the results in the vast majority of cases are nothing short of miraculous.

They’re permanent

Before you undergo implant treatment your chosen dentist in Southend will give you an initial consultation. This is where you’ll get to find out everything you need to know about them. One of the advantages is that unlike standard dentures and bridges, implants are attached directly into the mouth. This means they’re permanent. Therefore they never need to be removed for cleaning and what’s more they’re guaranteed to stay put and not to move around.

They’re hassle-free

Because a highly skilled dental implant dentist in Southendcan fit implants that not only look and feel like your normal teeth, they’ll also act like your natural teeth. This means that everyday tasks such as eating and chewing become second nature once again and when it comes to cleaning, there’s no complicated rituals. Instead simple brushing and flossing will suffice just as you would your normal teeth.

They halt bone loss

Finally, and probably the most important factor about dental implants, is that they halt bone loss. This is something that dentures can’t do and as a result, as the shape of the jaw changes, they need adjusting from time to time to avoid becoming loose. Eventually when they can no longer be adjusted they need replacing. Normally the shelf life of a set of dentures is somewhere between 5-10 years. Conversely dental implants are fixed directly into the jaw bone using a titanium implant. Over time the surrounding bone tissue fuses around it to create a strong platform which fills the missing space and halts bone loss. The good news is that in some patients dental implants have been been proven to last forty years or more. However this does depend on how well they’re cared for. So in addition to halting jaw bone loss giving you a more youthful appearance, implants have the ability to last three or four times as long as any other type of tooth replacement, making them a great investment all round.

If you want to find out more about dental implants in Southend then contact Southend Dental Clinic for a free, no-obligation consultation. Book yours by visiting our website at www.southenddentalcare.co.uk or by phoning us on 01702 465 000.

Do You Suffer From Dental Anxiety?

It’s not uncommon for people visiting their dentist in North Harrow to feel scared and anxious if they face the prospect of dental treatment. It may be that the noise of the drill affects them, the smell of antiseptic, or even just sitting in the dentist’s chair. The good news is that most modern day dental practices do all they can to relax their patients including offering a warm and welcoming environment, friendly smiling faces at reception, and soft comfortable chairs in the waiting room with a good supply of magazines. In the event that they’re extremely nervous of any sort of treatment, then they can recommend dental sedation.

What exactly is dental sedation?

dentist in North HarrowDental sedation is a means of helping people relax during dental procedures by using medication. Sometimes it’s referred to as being ‘asleep’ during the treatment, but this is not strictly true since the patient remains conscious and able to respond to requests from their North Harrow dentist.

Different forms of dental sedation include:

  • Inhalation sedation – This is where a patient breathes in a mixture of nitrous oxide, commonly referred to as ‘laughing gas’ through a small nose piece. It helps them relax and soon wears off after treatment.
  • Oral sedation – This isn’t so common in the UK, but is a sedative contained in a pill which is usually taken about an hour before treatment. Again, it makes a person drowsy but able to comply with their dentist’s instructions.
  • IV Sedation – An anti-anxiety drug is fed through a vein, usually in the back of the hand, and the drug is administered and carefully monitored during treatment. The patient remains conscious throughout and able to respond to any requests from the dentist, but is unlikely to have much, if any, recollection of what has been happening.

Regardless of the type of dental sedation that you’re given you’ll usually always require a local anaesthetic which numbs the site where the dentist is working so that you don’t feel any pain. If you’re at all anxious about visiting the dentist or undergoing any treatments, then we can help. Why not contact Imperial Dental Care today on 020 8427 2264 for a initial consultation where we can also discuss forms of dental sedation with you. For more information on all the treatments we provide then visit our website at www.imperialdentalcare.co.uk. We’re both a private and NHS dentist in North Harrow and look forward to welcoming you as a new patient.

Everything You Need To Know About Conscious Sedation

Even though dental clinics throughout the country have come a long way in making people feel at ease and comfortable when visiting, many people still get that anxious, nervous feeling before treatment. More often than not, anxiety has a detrimental effect on both the patient and a Basildon dentist treating them. There’s a good chance that the patient won’t relax and this means that if the dentist has to carry out precision work, then it isn’t made easy. So what’s the solution? The answer is conscious sedation.

Basildon dentistConscious sedation is a cross between a general and a local anaesthetic and puts the patient in a completely relaxed state. Patients under conscious sedation won’t feel any pain, yet as the name suggests, they’re conscious enough that they can fully respond to the needs of the dentist. Whether this is for simple cosmetic treatments, or more complex cases such as dental implants, Basildon clinics among others are using this form of sedation to help anxiety in patients.

How is it delivered?

Conscious sedation is delivered in two ways. Firstly intravenously, using a controlled injection or for those who have a phobia of needles then via inhalation. This is where a small mask is placed directly over the nose and mouth allowing a patient to breath in a harmless mix of oxygen and nitrous oxide. The results are a deep sensation of relaxation and peace and some even say that they felt a complete sense of carefree abandon.

What are the advantages?

Aside from the fact that it promotes patient consciousness, unlike general anaesthetics which you might be familiar with under the NHS, dentists in Basildon who are using the technique say that you won’t feel queasy afterwards. What’s more, recovery is very quick. On most occasions people are back to normal in around 30 minutes and some less than this.

So when is it best used?

Conscious sedation can be used on any treatment from check-ups, through to cosmetic dentistry.Basildon dental clinic, Felmores Dental Care for example, ask all patients to advise them if they feel at all anxious or nervous before treatment. If this is the case then the team will do all they can to make the patient feel both comfortable and relaxed. In some cases this might be using conscious sedation techniques and in others it might simply entail speaking to the patient and telling them exactly what’s going on.

If you’re a nervous patient and would like to find out more about how conscious sedation can help you, then check out our website for further information at www.felmoresdentalcare.co.uk. Alternatively contact us directly on 01268 726 789 and speak to our friendly and experienced team.

4 Things You Should Know Before Whitening Your Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry in Clacton covers a wide range of treatments including teeth whitening. Now most of us know the appeal of a dazzling white smile and the confidence it can give us. However, it’s not quite as simple as getting a perfect smile, and before you go rushing into anything, you need to consider a few facts.

How tooth whitening works

teeth whitening in ClactonTeeth whitening in Clacton should only be carried out by a professional dentist and you’d do well to steer clear of beauticians offering this treatment, since they’re unlikely to have the same amount of training as your dentist and may even be breaking the law. Most teeth whitening treatments use hydrogen peroxide to lighten the teeth and when it’s applied in a form of gel, it’s then activated by shining a LED light, although that isn’t necessary with home whitening kits that your dentist can also supply.

Is teeth whitening safe?

If you’re considering teeth whitening in Clacton then there are a couple of things you should know. Due to health and safety regulations, whitening toothpastes contain only a small amount of peroxide so you’re unlikely to see much difference. While shop bought home whitening kits may be more effective, the bleach trays are a ‘one size fits all’ product and there’s a danger of the bleach leaking out into the mouth and burning your gums. Professional whitening treatments from the dentist use a custom made tray to ensure that this doesn’t happen and they can also use modern whitening treatments which contain lower levels of peroxide but are still highly effective.

Visiting your dentist prior to teeth whitening

Before whitening your teeth, you should always pay your dentist in Clacton a visit. He or she can assess whether or not you are in fact a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. For instance, any stains on your teeth should be removed prior to teeth whitening and you should have a healthy mouth.

Tooth whitening isn’t for everyone

Even though tooth whitening systems are considered safe, they aren’t for everyone. People who should avoid whitening their teeth include adolescents with baby teeth, pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding, and people with sensitive teeth or gum disease. It’s important to know that teeth whitening will only whiten your natural teeth and won’t lighten fillings or crowns, although one option is to invest in white fillings to match what will be your new dazzling smile.

If you’re considering teeth whitening then get in touch with Clacton Dental Care to find out more about the method of Zoom tooth whitening that we use. We’re flexible with appointments and happy to be considered an evening and weekend dentist for those with hectic schedules. Call us today on 01255 221001 or visit our website at www.clactondentalcare.co.uk for more information.

Missing Teeth? Find Out About the Modern Way to Replace Them

Losing teeth can be extremely upsetting and if you are in this position, you’ll probably want to get them replaced as soon as possible. It’s vitally important to replace even a single missing tooth as its loss will affect your remaining natural teeth as they begin to shift out of position, impacting your bite and tooth stability. In addition, your teeth are important for eating and chewing food, and of course for talking and socialising with others.

Dental implants in South Benfleet In the past your options would have included dentures and dental bridges, but luckily nowadays there is a far more modern and long lasting solution. Dental implants in South Benfleet are becoming increasingly common and with very good reason; a well-placed and properly planned dental implant can last for decades and hopefully for life.

How Can Dental Implants Help Tooth Loss?

Dental implants are very versatile and can be used to replace just a single tooth, several teeth or even every single tooth in your mouth. They are a great way to replace missing teeth as they only have a positive effect on your oral health. Dental implants don’t require any of your remaining teeth to be adapted or cut down in order to support bridges or dentures. Instead, they help to preserve your jawbone and will ensure your remaining natural teeth stay in the correct positions. You’ll be able to enjoy a far greater variety of foods, enabling you to ensure your diet is varied enough to provide all the nutrients required for good general health.

Dental Implants Are Great for Stabilising Loose Dentures

Dental implants can be particularly good for stabilising loose dentures. Many patients initially find that dentures fit quite well but after a few years the shape of the jaw bone changes as the bone gradually reabsorbs, and this affects the overall stability and retention of the denture. Just a few well-placed dental implants can often be sufficient to hold a denture firmly in position. The implants tend to be fitted towards the front of the mouth where the bone is thicker so there is often no need for a bone graft.

Although dental implants tend to be used to hold lower dentures in position, there’s no reason why they can’t be used to secure an upper denture as well. In fact this can be particularly nice as a conventional upper denture covers up the upper palate whereas an implant retained upper denture can be constructed in a horseshoe shape, uncovering the upper palate. This means the denture is far less bulky to wear but it also uncovers all the taste buds in the upper palate, so food becomes that much tastier.

What to Do If You’re Interested in Having Dental Implants in South Benfleet

If you live in the South Benfleet area and are thinking about having dental implants, then contact South Benfleet Dental Care so we can book you an appointment with our implant clinician. He will be able to examine your mouth and can explain this treatment in much more detail so you can make a truly informed choice about the best way to replace your missing teeth. Call us on 01268 793485 to book your appointment with our dentist in South Benfleet.

Looking for a Great NHS Dentist in Ladbroke Grove?

We have good news for you, as Ladbroke Grove Dental Care is currently accepting new NHS patients. We believe this service is extremely important for our community as we know access to a good NHS dentist in Ladbroke Grove is pretty limited. If you haven’t visited the dentist for a while, now is your opportunity to get your teeth and gums back into good shape, hopefully protecting and preserving your smile for many years to come.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

NHS dentist in Ladbroke GroveYour first appointment with your new NHS dentist in Ladbroke Grove will include a comprehensive examination and if required we will take some digital dental x-rays. This information helps us gain a clearer picture of your overall dental health and can show us any areas of concern that are normally hidden from view, for example any tooth decay in contact areas in between your teeth. Using this information will help us determine if you require any dental treatment. If you do, we will discuss the treatment needed and can answer any questions you may have.

We can also scale and polish your teeth at this appointment. This is excellent for helping keep teeth and gums healthy through removing hardened plaque that could otherwise cause tooth decay and gum disease. Your appointment is also your chance to discuss your dental health with us and we can offer advice on the best way to look after your teeth and gums at home.

Advantages of Regular Dental Care

Regular dental check-ups are hugely advantageous as visiting us every six months also enables our dentists to pick up any early signs of diseases, hopefully before they begin to cause you any unpleasant symptoms such as toothache. Early treatment is far more effective than leaving a problem to develop. If you wait until you have a problem before visiting a dentist then it’s much more likely that you will require substantial treatment and sometimes it may not be possible to save a badly infected tooth. Professional dental care can also pick up the early signs of gum disease, an incredibly common condition that can destroy the gums and bones surrounding your teeth, eventually leading to tooth loss.

Good Oral Care Helps Protect Your Overall Health

Over the past few years there have been a significant number of clinical studies carried out into the connection between gum disease and overall health. Gum disease is an inflammatory condition, and it appears it can worsen existing conditions such as diabetes, or may increase your chances of developing serious health problems in the first place. It’s been found that treating gum disease can help improve general health conditions so it’s worth taking care of your teeth and gums and preventing gum disease from developing in the first place. Regular dental care can help you do this and once your teeth and gums are in good condition then it really doesn’t take too much to keep them that way. All you need to do is visit us regularly for your check-ups. At home make sure you brush twice daily and floss once a day, a simple routine that takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Contact us on 020 7727 9836 to register with our NHS dentist in Ladbroke Grove.

Do You Have Toothache? Please Don’t Ignore it

Did you wake up with toothache this morning? If so we have some very good reasons as to why you shouldn’t ignore it. Often toothache in Downham Market will require some sort of treatment from your dentist. It is possible that toothache can be caused by having a piece of food trapped in between your teeth, so first try gently flossing around the tooth in case this is the problem. Otherwise you may need to seek professional dental care.

toothache in Downham MarketTooth decay is one of the main causes of toothache and is due to bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria thrive on the starches and sugars in foods you eat, gradually forming a sticky, colourless layer of plaque over your tooth surfaces. Unfortunately the bacteria in plaque produce acid that will gradually erode the hard tooth enamel covering your tooth surfaces. Eventually this results in a cavity. One of the first signs of tooth decay is noticing your tooth feels a bit more sensitive whenever you eat something hot or cold or anything very sweet.

Other causes of tooth decay include:

  • Having a fractured tooth
  • Leaky or crumbling fillings
  • Untreated tooth grinding or clenching
  • Having infected gums
  • Dental abscess

The pain caused by toothache can vary from a dull throbbing sensation to a sharp pain that may only be felt when you try to bite or chew on the tooth. You may notice the gums around the tooth begin to look swollen or that you have a very unpleasant taste in your mouth. If the tooth is very badly infected then it can cause fever or headaches.

Please contact Downham Market Dental Care if your toothache lasts for longer than a day or two or is particularly severe, or if it is accompanied by fever, or if you feel pain when you try to open your mouth. The sooner you seek professional help the better as this will prevent the spread of infection to other parts of the face or possibly even your bloodstream. In addition, early treatment greatly improves the chances of treating and saving a badly infected tooth, and of course means that you will no longer be in any pain.

What Is the Treatment for Toothache?

One of our dentists in Downham Market will gently examine your tooth for any visible signs of decay. We might also need to take dental x-rays to see the extent of the infection. From there we can decide on the best course of treatment. Hopefully it will simply be a matter of repairing a cavity with a filling but if the infection has spread into the centre of the tooth or into the tooth roots then we will need to clean out this area and you will require a root canal treatment. This is a comfortable procedure that should feel no worse than a filling and we can guarantee you’ll feel much better afterwards. Afterwards the tooth can be restored with either a filling or possibly with a crown that covers up the entire tooth and protects it against further infection.

If you require an emergency dentist in Downham Market, please contact us on 01366 382265. Our practice offers same-day treatment for toothache.

Do You Have Crooked Teeth? We Have the Solution

Are your teeth wonky or out of alignment? We have several great teeth straightening solutions for you here in Watton. Clarence House Dental Care can use several different types of orthodontics to create beautiful smiles. Orthodontic treatment is suitable for both adults and children and uses tried and tested technology. It can be used to correct teeth that stick out too far, or which are overlapping or out of alignment. Orthodontics is also good for correcting problems with the way teeth bite together.

Treatment May Be Speedier Than You Think

braces in WattonWe are able to offer our patients the several different types of orthodontic braces which include removable and fixed braces in Watton. Sometimes the braces are designed to provide purely cosmetic effects, meaning they will concentrate on moving the teeth visible when smiling and talking. These types of braces can often deliver results within just a few months and treatment can be highly affordable. Other braces are designed to correct more complex orthodontic problems, such as those concerned with the way teeth bite together.

Should I choose Fixed or Removable Braces?

We can advise you on the best type of brace for your orthodontic problems. Sometimes a fixed brace can produce more exact results as the brackets are precisely positioned on the teeth, but we do find that many patients prefer the versatility offered by removable braces. Removable braces such as Invisalign can work extremely well and are the preferred choice of many adults due to their low impact on everyday life.

What is the advantage of teeth straightening in Watton?

Most people choose to have their teeth straightened purely for cosmetic reasons as there is little doubt a straight a smile can look much nicer. This is a perfectly valid reason for having orthodontics, but it’s also worth bearing in mind the additional oral health benefits that can result from tooth straightening.

Teeth that are tightly packed or overlapping can be extremely tricky to keep clean. You may find it difficult or near impossible to floss in between each tooth, and a toothbrush cannot reach all the areas in between overcrowded teeth. It’s not hard to see the advantages of being able to floss and brush thoroughly, as you’ll reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease, helping your natural teeth to last for longer and hopefully for life.

Finding out More about Teeth Straightening

If you would like to find out more about teeth straightening in Watton, then it’s best to contact Clarence House Dental to make an appointment with one of our friendly dentists. We’ll be able to examine your teeth to determine the problems requiring correction and can advise you whether orthodontics is right for you, and if so the type of results that you could reasonably expect to achieve. In general, orthodontics will work well for anyone whose teeth are strong and healthy and it’s never too late to straighten. These days it’s becoming increasingly common to see adults wearing braces and modern orthodontics can be extremely discreet. Phone us on 01953 882777 to book your appointment with our orthodontist in Watton.

What Constitutes A Southend Dental Emergency?

For the many people who regularly attend six monthly dental check-ups in the Southend area, the need to contact an emergency dentist in Southend might not be necessary as the dentist in question is more likely be able to spot and treat any problems early on before they escalate into larger issues. That said, it’s always best to be prepared just in case you might feel that you have such an emergency. As a result it’s advisable to firstly know who to call, and secondly understand what constitutes a dental emergency. Let’s take a closer look at both.

Who should you call?

emergency dentist in SouthendFirstly it’s good to know that most clinics operate an emergency out of hours dental service. This Emergency number might differ from the standard reception number so if you’re searching the website then you’ll need to look closely. Alternatively when clinics give out appointment cards it’s usually written on there, so just make sure that you either make a note of it, or know where you can get your hands on the card, if you need it.

But what about if your clinic doesn’t operate an emergency out of hours service or alternatively you can’t contact your dentist?

The answer is to contact NHS Direct. They have a list of emergency dentists and as a result should be able to put you in touch with your nearest NHS dentist in Southend.

What’s a dental emergency?

Okay so now you know exactly who to contact, but what really constitutes a dental emergency? For instance, is a lost filling classed as a dental emergency? How about tooth ache? Southend patients will be different and what constitutes an emergency for one might not for another.

The reality is that there are a number of scenarios in which you feel you might want to contact an emergency evening and weekend dentist. However they generally fall into two categories. These are…

  • Signs of visible tooth damage, or…
  • The onset of any tooth pain that can’t be relieved by over-the-counter pain killers.

First of all, visible damage to teeth is an obvious one and one that is also quite a common occurrence. Teeth can become chipped, cracked, or missing altogether as a result of a trip or fall, an accident, or even when playing sport. Most of the time there’s very little we can do about it and something which more often than not can’t be prevented. If this is the case then you should contact your emergency dentist in Southend as soon as you possibly can.

The second type of dental emergency happens when tooth pain (usually the result of tooth decay) occurs. More often than not this is preventable by paying regular visits to your Southend dentist. The good news is that with regard to tooth pain the problem can usually be cured pretty quickly. In the main, when tooth decay starts to take hold and work its way into the tooth, it’s normally treated easily by means of a simple filling. However on some occasions it can escalate into an abscess which in turn can cause excruciating pain that needs dealing with there and then.

Here at Southend Dental Care our team have the experience and skills to deal with all types of dental emergency. From missing teeth through to fillings, root canals, and extractions we’ll see to it that you’re back to normal as quickly as possible. Contact us on 01702 465 000 or visit our website at www.southenddentalcare.co.uk to find out more.

What Should You Do If You Need Emergency Dental Care?

Even if you regularly visit your dentist in North Harrow for check-ups and generally keep on top of your oral health, there may still be a time when you, or a member of your family need emergency dental treatment. The thing is, when your mouth is throbbing with pain or your son has damaged his teeth having fallen off his bike, emotions are running high and you may be unsure how to find an emergency dentist?

Who do you call?

emergency dentist in North HarrowThe good news is that most dental clinics operate an emergency dental care service and so the first step would be to call your own dentist and explain the situation. If it’s out of hours or at the weekend, then you may find there is a different number to call and this should be shown on their website or literature. If you can’t get in touch with your own dentist then get in touch with NHS Direct. They’ll have a list of emergency dentists and will be able to give you contact details for your nearest NHS Dentist in North Harrow.

What would be regarded as a dental emergency?

It’s not always easy to know when a tooth, mouth, or gum problem requires emergency care or even what to do about it. So, here’s a handy guide to a few situations that are typically regarded as dental emergencies.

  • Cracked tooth – If your tooth is chipped or broken in some way then call your dentist right away. Meanwhile rinse the mouth out with warm water and while you wait to get to a dentist, hold a cold compress on the outside of the affected area.
  • Knocked out tooth – Carefully grasp the tooth at the crown and wash gently under water to remove any dirt from the root, being careful not to damage any of the soft tissue that may be attached. Try and push it back into the socket using your fingers and gently bite down on it. A tooth mustn’t be left to dry outside of the mouth, so if this doesn’t work place it in a small beaker of milk to preserve it. You must get to a dentist within the next half an hour for the best chances of saving it.
  • Damaged braces – If your brace gets damaged then call your orthodontist in North Harrow. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be asked to visit your orthodontist the same day, in other cases it may be that the problem can wait until your next appointment.
  • Lost crown or filling – Call your dentist for an appointment. Any pain can often be reduced with over the counter pain killers or by applying oil of cloves to the sensitive areas, but check with your dentist first.
  • Severe toothache – Rinse your mouth with warm water and gently floss around the area to make sure there’s nothing caught between your teeth. If the toothache persists then call your dentist.

Some dental emergencies can lead to problems which are life threatening, so if you’re in any doubt at all, then contact an emergency dentist in North Harrow. The earlier you seek treatment for any dental problems the more chance there is of a successful outcome and continued good dental health.

Here at Imperial dental care our team are trained to deal with all manner of emergency dental issues and will soon have to feeling fighting fit and back to normal. Call us on 020 8427 2264 or visit our website at www.imperialdentalcare.co.uk for more information.