Become a partner

In addition to acquiring NHS and mixed dental practices across Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk, the Dental Care Group are looking for dentists who wish to become partners.

You may already own a practice and want to remove the increasing pressures that compliance and the administrative burden of owning and running a practice can place on a practice principal. We would be happy to discuss part sale of the practice and undertake all the administrative and compliance tasks, leaving you to concentrate on to focus on your dentistry whilst developing new skills along the way.

You may wish to set up your own practice whilst utilising the support of an experienced team. We can help you set up the practice and provide the administrative and compliance requirements, in a joint venture. This is a great solution for many dentists who wish to make it on their own.

We provide care and consideration to both your team and your patients with our aim being to continue to grow and nurture the practice.

All of our practices become part of our family and like family we treat them with respect, courtesy and most of all consideration. Our mission is to provide the highest quality patient journey. Do you share our ethos?

Contact us and we will happy to speak to you regarding your options. Your enquiry will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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